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Beatrice Glow (2016-2017)

Beatrice Glow is an interdisciplinary artist whose work uncovers invisible, suppressed stories that lie in the geopolitical shadows of colonialism and migration. Her practice comprises of sculptural installations, trilingual publishing, participatory performances and lectures, and experiential techn... Read more

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The Wayfinding Project

In Spring 2016, the A/P/A Institute launches The Wayfinding Project. On view March 25-December 21, 2016, this installation and lab aims to promote curiosity, research, and decolonize New York's history. Initiated by John Kuo Wei Tchen, in collaboration with artist Beatrice Glow, the installation questions the representation of indigenous cultures in relation to aesthetics of colonial history.Read more

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The A/P/A Institute brings together accomplished scholars, community builders, and artists from New York City and beyond in interactive forums, reflection, and new research.

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The Asian/Pacific/American (A/P/A) Institute connects New York’s Asian/Pacific American (A/PA) communities with students and scholars, promoting exchanges of knowledges to encourage change. Founded in 1996 in response to student interest, the A/P/A Institute nurtures the production of academic, literary, and artistic work about the largely marginalized experience of A/PAs. The building of collections and archives is a crucial component of this mission. Archives preserve physical documentation of the past. Scholars, artists, activists, and community members need access to the materials from which their present has been created. A/P/A Institute is facilitating the process of finding an accessible, permanent home for New York Metro region and East Coast A/PA materials. Our vision is to provide collections that allow for engagement with and dialogue about the experiences of A/PAs.