Zarina (2017-18)

Zarina was born in Aligarh, India in 1937 and currently lives and works in New York. Her work is defined by her adherence to the personal and the essential. While it tends towards minimalism, its starkness is tempered by both texture and materiality. Her art poignantly chronicles her life, and recurring themes include home, displacement, … Continue reading "Home"


Current Exhibition

The gallery at the Asian/Pacific/American Institute presents two to three exhibitions per year, focusing on the work of both emerging and established artists of Asian/Pacific descent. Each exhibition is part of an on-going effort by A/P/A to investigate modes of cultural expression among Asian/Pacific/American and diasporic communities.

Traveling Exhibition

An exhibition identifying and analyzing racial stereotypes in US popular culture are available for loan from A/P/A. A is for Arab: Stereotypes in U.S. Popular Culture reveals centuries of anti-Arab prejudice and Islamophobia and features images from the Jack G. Shaheen Collection on Arabs in U.S. Film and Television. It is available for loan during the 2017-18 academic year.



Krishna Reddy Papers (UA)

Krishna Reddy (1925-) is a highly accomplished artist, art educator, and author who has made major contributions to revolutionizing the technology and artistic possibilities of intaglio simultaneous color printmaking. Born in India, Reddy first studied sculpture in Santinketan, West Bengal, and traveled to Europe in the 1950s to study under sculptors Henry Moore, Ossip Zadkine, … Continue reading "Home"

Pauline Park Papers (TAM 663)

Pauline Park (1960-) is a New York City-based transgender activist. She is the president of the board of directors and former executive director of Queens Pride House and chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA), both of which she co-founded. She led the campaign for the transgender rights law enacted by … Continue reading "Home"

Tomie Arai Papers

Tomie Arai (1949- ) is a third generation Japanese American artist and activist who has been challenging the mainstream art community and advocating public and community art since the late 1960s and 1970s.  She was involved with the Basement Workshop, an Asian American artists’ collective, in the 1970s, and from there continued her community work … Continue reading "Home"