Year: 2012

Responding to Disaster

Responding to Disaster in Working-Class New York: Housing and Community After Hurricane Sandy Monday, December 3, 2012


October 6, 2012 Beasts of the ‘Northern’ Wild: Why Benh Zeitlin’s Indie Film is So Important A 2012 Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life Lunch Session Saturday, October 6, 2012  

Larry Hama Comic Book Collection (MSS 337)

Legendary comic book writer and artist Larry Hama (b. 1949) is recognized for his lasting contributions to American comic books and popular culture in general. He is the creative force behind titles like G.I. Joe, The ‘Nam, and Bucky O’Hare, but his creative influence extends to other titles and fields. A third generation (sansei) Japanese American, Hama was … Continue reading “Larry Hama Comic Book Collection (MSS 337)”

William F. Wu Comics Collection (MSS 244)

William F. Wu is a Chinese American science-fiction writer who has published thirteen novels and more than fifty short stories. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Wu attended the University of Michigan as an undergraduate, and later returned to earn his Ph.D. in American Culture. During this time, he became active in East Wind, an Asian … Continue reading “William F. Wu Comics Collection (MSS 244)”

Yoshio Kishi and Irene Yah Ling Sun Collection (MSS 292)

The Yoshio Kishi and Irene Yah Ling Sun Collection, which was made possible in large part by a donation in memory of Dr. Wei Yu Chen, contains over 10,000 items of Asian Americana that trace the representation of Asians and Asian Americans in American popular, political, academic, and literary media. Yoshio Kishi, a New York-born … Continue reading “Yoshio Kishi and Irene Yah Ling Sun Collection (MSS 292)”

Godzilla Asian American Art Network Archive (MSS 166)

Godzilla was founded in 1990 to stimulate dialogue in Asian American visual art across generations and disciplines for New York-based pan-Asian and Pacific Islander American artists and art professionals. Godzilla sponsored public programs such as exhibitions, lectures, and symposia to establish a forum that would foster networking and mutual support among the community. Godzilla served … Continue reading “Godzilla Asian American Art Network Archive (MSS 166)”

Yun Gee Papers (MSS 144)

Yun Gee, born near Canton, China in 1906, was a modernist painter of some acclaim. At the age of 15, he arrived in San Francisco and enrolled in the San Francisco Art Institute. He later studied at the California School of Fine Art under Gottardo Piazzoni and Otis Oldfield. In 1926, Gee turned his attention … Continue reading “Yun Gee Papers (MSS 144)”

Midori Shimanouchi Lederer Papers (TAM 596)

Midori Shimanouchi Lederer (1923-2005), founder of Japanese American Social Services, Inc. (JASSI), was a film producer’s assistant, publicist and later community activist who worked to fill gaps in social services for the aged in the United States and Japan. Born and raised in Fresno, California, Shimanouchi was interned with her family in Topaz, Utah after … Continue reading “Midori Shimanouchi Lederer Papers (TAM 596)”

Jack G. Shaheen Collection on Arabs in U.S. Film and Television (TAM 535) (VIDEOS 15)

“It is with a feeling of enormous loss and grief that I note the sudden passing of Jack G. Shaheen on July 9, 2017. He devoted his life to documenting Hollywood and television’s misrepresentations of Arabs and Muslims, constantly documenting, writing, and speaking about this caricature and that image long before the public and academics … Continue reading “Jack G. Shaheen Collection on Arabs in U.S. Film and Television (TAM 535) (VIDEOS 15)”

George Yuzawa Papers (TAM 442)

George Katsumi Yuzawa (1915-2011) was born on February 21, 1915, in Los Angeles, California. A Nisei (second-generation Japanese American), George’s Issei (immigrant) parents named their son after the first president of their adopted country, George Washington, whose birthday was a day later on February 22nd. His parents, Tamasaburo “James” and Bun “Mary” Yuzawa, emigrated to … Continue reading “George Yuzawa Papers (TAM 442)”