Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews will complete the memorial complex of which it is part. It stands on the site of the Warsaw Ghetto and Jewish neighborhood of prewar Warsaw. It faces the Monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Fighters, which honors those who died by remembering the genocide (the great deportation is shown on the “reverse” side of the monument) and the heroic uprising. The Museum honors those who died by remembering how they lived, a story of 1000 years. Yet, there are those who ask why we are building this museum in Poland and not in the United Sates or Israel.


  1. hsunairi

    What about the Holocaust Museum Houston?

    Long time ago, I have gone to The Holocaust Museum Houston, located in Houston, Texas. I had gone with a couple of friends and we were all very impressed with the architecture with a rising dark and looming cylinder on sloping concrete floor. The cylinder is surrounded by six steel columns that recall the 6 million murdered Jews. The design of the interior, especially the way they used the inside of the cylinder for the audience to walk around to learn the history with amazing collections of pictures and memorabilia. I was impressed with the Holocaust Museum Houston, comparing it to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, Japan, which has slightly older architecture with renovated parts since the Holocaust Museum Houston had thought about design very well before building it. The design works very well with the content of site and together, they create very moving experiences.

    About the Holocaust Museum Houston

    About Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

  2. tarai

    Barbara: I was wondering what you thought about the recent controversy and protest of Madonna’s performance in Poland on the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising? Should she have shown the newsreel? It brings up some interesting issues about the ways in which historic events are contextualized and exploited in popular culture.

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