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2016 Election Statement from A/P/A

17.11.2016 in What's New

Dear Friends of A/P/A, It has been an incredibly difficult few weeks. Due to the current atmosphere that has resulted from the election and the transition of power to an administration whose members have openly and publicly announced their agenda of political intimidation and policies…


17.10.2016 in What's New

Long before Henry Hudson’s arrival in 1609, Manhattan or Manaháhtaan, as originally named by the Indigenous Lenape people, was a place of gathering and exchange amongst diverse nations. Today, Broadway runs along a portion of the original matrix of trails that connected Manaháhtaan to the…


07.07.2016 in What's New

Interdisciplinary artist Beatrice Glow is the 2016-2017 A/P/A Institute at NYU Artist-in-Residence. Glow’s work uncovers invisible, suppressed stories that lie in the geopolitical shadows of colonialism and migration. Her practice comprises of sculptural installations, trilingual publishing, participatory performances and lectures, and experiential technologies. While in…


15.08.2015 in What's New

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