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Are you an NYU student looking for an on-campus job opportunity? A/P/A Institute at NYU is currently hiring for the following positions: Photographer Designer

Zarina, Artist-in-Residence 2017-18

Seventy years have passed since ousted British colonials slashed a crude dividing line through the subcontinent of South Asia, resulting in one of the largest and bloodiest mass migrations in the history of the world. It is the memory of this dislocation, separation, and trauma that haunts and is echoed in the work of the … Continue reading “Zarina, Artist-in-Residence 2017-18”

The Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU, along with over fifty NYU departments, centers, and affiliated organizations, shares and supports the demands of NYU Sanctuary: “We strongly believe that we must move to declare that our institution values and protects our multiple communities in the United States and beyond; these protections are the critical heart of our collective academic engagement … Continue reading “”