Dr. Jack G. Shaheen (1935-2017)

Jack G. Shaheen, tireless fighter, scholar, teacher of anti-Arab and Muslim stereotypes (1935–2017)

“It is with a feeling of enormous loss and grief that I note the sudden passing of Jack G. Shaheen on July 9, 2017. He devoted his life to documenting Hollywood and television’s misrepresentations of Arabs and Muslims, constantly documenting, writing, and speaking about this caricature and that image long before the public and academics paid attention to the origins and consequences of such dehumanizing cultural politics. He understood these stereotypes as linked to the racializing of various othered peoples, always seeking to compare and interrelate. Before I met the man, I expected his 40 years of painstaking, thankless, and pain-inducing documentation of each character in each movie and show to make for an embittered and cynical person. Yet he was upbeat, loving, and relentlessly positive. Jack always spoke and wrote with grace, generosity, and hope. We’ll miss him dearly. His work, gaining international recognition in the past ten years, is now more important than ever.” —Jack Tchen, Founding Director, A/P/A Institute at NYU

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