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Feb. 17 2017 11:00 AM New York, NY

What Now? Media Strategies Towards Solidarity

A companion workshop to Asian American Media Activism: Addressing Culture, Citizenship, and Coloniality with Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Christina Xu, and Mark Tseng Putterman In addressing the implications of the current U.S. administration on our political and material conditions, this workshop focuses on the convergence between media activism and practices of solidarity within Asian/Asian American and Pacific communities and across other communities of color. The goal of this interactive skill-sharing and community building workshop is to collectively commit to tangible, achievable, and…

Feb. 22 2017 6:00 PM New York , NY

Serve the People: Karen Ishizuka, Akemi Kochiyama, and Amy Weng

Presented by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. Cosponsored by Verso Books. We are honored to host an intergenerational program on movement building, activism, and interracial solidarity to consider how we might look to the past to strategize in our current moment. Karen Ishizuka's Serve the People: Making Asian America in the Long Sixties (Verso, 2016) draws on interviews with organizers and activists, agitators and artists of the Asian American movement to tell the story of the 1960s and 1970s, and…

Mar. 2 2017 7:00 PM New York, NY

#APATwenty: An Artist-in-Residence Anniversary Reunion, Part 2

This year, the A/P/A Studies Program and Institute (now two separate entities) celebrate twenty years of A/P/A scholarship and community building at NYU. To mark this milestone and highlight the acclaimed artists, thinkers, and writers who have been a part of the A/P/A Institute and A/P/A Studies Program over the past two decades, we present a series of reunion events (see part 1 here) featuring former A/P/A Artists-in-Residence.  At this reunion event, Chitra Ganesh (A/P/A AIR 2013-14), Suheir Hammad (A/P/A…

Mar. 21 2017 8:30 PM New York, NY

Vincent Who?

Presented by the Asian Pacific American Coalition and Korean American Civic Empowerment. Cosponsored by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. The killing of Vincent Chin is often cited as a rallying point for Asian Americans, but how many people know who Chin was and what happened to him? Vincent Who? explores the legacy of Vincent Chin's 1982 murder, and the community organizing and mobilization that resulted, through interviews with the key players from the time, and the voices of a new generation of activists…

Mar. 23 2017 New York, NY

Green Screens: Environmental Ethics On and Off Screen

Presented by the NYU Center for Media, Culture and History. Cosponsored by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU, Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism, Center for Latin American and Caribbean (CLACS), Cinema Studies, Environmental Studies, Glucksman Ireland House, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Native American, Indigenous Students’ Group; and Irish Screen America, NY Wild Film Festival, NY Royal Norwegian Consulate General, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. "Green Screens: Environmental Ethics On and Off Screen" is a…

Mar. 24 2017 12:30 PM New York, NY

Temporary People: Author Reading and Discussion

Presented by the Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program in the NYU Department of Social & Cultural Analysis. Cosponsored by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. ​"In the United Arab Emirates, foreign nationals constitute over 80 percent of the population. Brought in to construct the towering monuments to wealth that punctuate the skylines of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, this labour force works without the rights of citizenship, endures miserable living conditions, and must eventually leave the country. Until now, the humanitarian crisis of the so-called…

Mar. 26 2017 6:00 PM New York, NY

Dalia Mogahed: Why I Am a Muslim

Presented by  The Islamic Center at NYU. Cosponsored by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. In a time of intense anti-Muslim bigotry and discrimination why would an educated American woman choose to believe and identify as a Muslim? What can we learn about spirituality, courage and putting conscience over conformity from this moment in history? Join us as we hear from Dalia Mogahed, Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding on the pressing issues tied to faith and spirituality facing so many…

Mar. 27 2017 4:30 PM New York, NY

“Regarded As” Muslim: Islamophobia and its Ripple Effects

Cosponsored by the South Asian Law Students Association; the Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging; the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU; and the NYU College of Arts and Science. Islamophobia affects both Muslims and those “regarded as” Muslim in the broader South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Arab population. Those effects are ever more visible—in the spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes, the targeting of Sikhs, the surveillance of mosques, and the ban targeting refugees and nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries. To…

Mar. 28 2017 6:30 PM New York, NY

Sisters in Solidarity

Presented by NYU Asian Pacific American Coalition. Cohosted by the NYU Asian American Women's Alliance and the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. Join us as we learn about the rich history of A/P/A feminist activism in honor of Women's HERstory Month at NYU.  Featuring Sharon Heijin Lee (NYU Department of Social & Cultural Analysis), Ninotchka Rosca (AF3IRM NYC), Vivian Truong (A/P/A Institute Visiting Scholar), and Sunita Viswanath (WAW). Rachel Kuo (PhD candidate in the NYU Department of Media, Culture and Communication) moderates. RSVP here Sharon…

Mar. 30 2017 6:00 PM New York, NY

The Best We Could Do: Thi Bui & Thuy Linh Tu

Cosponsored by Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU and NYU Department of Art and Art Professions. "Thi Bui’s stark, compelling memoir is about an ordinary family, but her story delivers the painful truth that most Vietnamese of the 20th century know in an utterly personal fashion—that history is found in the marrow of one’s bones, ready to be passed on through blood, through generations, through feelings. A book to break your heart and heal it." —Viet Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer Prize winning novelist…

Apr. 5 2017 5:00 PM New York, NY

In Between: Screening & Conversation

The Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU invites its student staff to curate a film series on migration, labor, and displacement." Abida Ali (Global Liberal Studies & Spanish, 2017) selects the first film in the series, In Between (25 min). Directed by Paromita Dhar, In Between follows four Bangladeshi immigrants—Bobby, Titli, Sattar, and Kazi—living in Madrid, Spain. Set against the culturally textured landscape of the city, the camera will find old memories, lost loves, and hope. Dhar joins us on Skype following the screening. Director and Cinematograher Paromita Dhar graduated from University of Technology,…

Apr. 8 2017 9:00 AM New York, NY

Humanizing Data: Data, Humanities, and the City

Cosponsored by the Urban Democracy Lab, NYU Gallatin, NYU Shanghai Center for Data Science and Analytics, Institute for Public Knowledge, and Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. This day long symposium examines how we can use data and digital strategies to enhance and disrupt the kinds of research questions, methods, and narratives that define the humanities. It also complicates the role of the urban university in a global “city state” such as New York, where the boundaries between university and city are…

Apr. 11 2017 7:00 PM New York, NY

Asian American Feminist Organizing in New York City

Copresented by NAPAWF*New York City and the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU Cosponsored by A/P/A BRIDGE What does intersectional feminist organizing in Asian American communities look like in practice? How can Asian American feminists build a truly inclusive movement? Join us for the third installment of NAPAWF*NYC's Asian American Feminism series, where you will hear from several leading Asian American feminist organizers who are currently engaged in long term struggles for social justice in areas such as immigrant and refugee rights, affordable housing,…

Apr. 13 2017 6:30 PM New York, NY

Anti-Militarism Across the Pacific: Korean Villagers Struggle Against THAAD

Cosponsored by the NYU Department of History, NYU Department of East Asian Studies, and Asian/Pacific/American Institute of NYU. In the midst of political upheaval in South Korea, North Korea’s nuclear program, and uncertainty about Trump’s policy in Northeast Asia, citizens in South Korea have been rallying and holding candlelight vigils for the past 8 months against the installation of a US missile defense system (THAAD). The US and South Korea claim THAAD is necessary to defend against North Korean ballistic…

Apr. 19 2017 6:30 PM New York, NY

“Make Your Mind As Large As the Universe”: Celebrating 40 Years of The Woman Warrior

Sponsored by the NYU Contemporary Literature Series & NYU Department of English. Cosponsored by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU, Asian American Writers’ Workshop, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, and NYU Department of Social & Cultural Analysis. A conversation and celebration with Maxine Hong Kingston, Hua Hsu, Jenny Zhang, Jess Row, and Pacharee Sudhinaraset.  

Apr. 20 2017 New York, NY

Reclaiming the Past and Rallying the Present: An A/PA Activism Installation

Presented & Curated by NYU A/P/A BRIDGE. Cosponsored by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. OPENING RECEPTION Thursday, April 20, 6pm - 8pm ON VIEW Friday, April 21, 11am - 7pm CALL-A-THON: In support of Hunter College's Asian American Studies Program Friday, April 21, 1pm - 3pm A/P/A BRIDGE explores the past and present of Asian/Pacific American student activism with Reclaiming the Past and Rallying the Present: An A/PA Activism Installation, on view at 8 Washington Mews from Thursday, April 20…

Apr. 21 2017 4:00 PM New York, NY

No Bans on Stolen Lands: A #NODAPL Teach-in for Standing Rock & Muslim/Immigrant/Refugee Bans

Organized by the NYC Stands with Standing Rock Collective. Cosponsored by the NYU Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, NYU Native American and Indigenous Students’ Group, Native Studies Forum, and Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. Please join us for the third teach-in organized by the NYC Stands with Standing Rock Collective titled, “No Bans on Stolen Lands.” Tying the #NoDAPL movement with opposition against the Muslim/Immigrant/Refugee Ban, we are interested in linking these struggles to talk about a major intersection of…

Apr. 25 2017 6:30 PM New York , NY

Standing Rock & the Seventh Generation: An Economics for Us All

Update: Registration is now closed. Walk-in guests will be seated as capacity allows.   An Albert Gallatin Lecture with Winona LaDuke Presenters: The Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU and the Gallatin School of Individualized Study Hosts: NYU Native American and Indigenous Students’ Group, American Indian Community House, and American Indian Law Alliance The essence of the problem is about consumption, recognizing that a society that consumes one third of the world’s resources is unsustainable. This level of consumption requires constant intervention…

Apr. 27 2017 7:00 PM New York, NY

Screening: Mele Murals

Presented by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. Cosponsored by the Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program in the NYU Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, Columbia University Pacific Climate Circuits Working Group, Nā ʻŌiwi NYC, and Hālāwai. Mele Murals is a documentary about the transformative power of art. At the center of this story are renowned graffiti artists Estria Miyashiro (aka Estria) and John Hina (aka Prime), and a group of Native Hawaiian youth in the rural community of Waimea, Hawaiʻi. Together they…

Apr. 29 2017 8:30 AM New York, NY

REALITIES: The Eleventh Annual New York City Asian American Student Conference (NYCAASC)

A day-long conference organized by students, for students featuring panels, performances, and workshops. NYCAASC seeks to empower and inspire NYC students around Asian/Pacific Islander American issues. Featuring Allan Punzalan Isaac (Rutgers University), Jennifer Hayashida (Hunter College), Melissa Phruksachart (NYU), Dean Saranillio (NYU), and others. REGISTRATION