February 15 - May 31, 2007
Curated by: Yong Soon Min
Exhibition Opening/Reception with Curator Talk on
February 15, 6-8pm

Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU
7th Floor Gallery at 41-51 East 11th Street, NY, NY
Gallery hours: M-F 10am-6pm
Exhibition participants: Candida Alvarez . Nena Amsler . Carlos Andrade . Beverly Andrews . Todd Ayoung . Mark Bartlett . Terry Berkowitz . Dawoud Bey . Deborah Boardman . Anna Jin Hwa Borstam . Amy Bowen . Elaine Brandt . Nina Debois Buhl . Jennifer Chan . Wendy Cheng . Young Chung . Jaime Cortez . Tobey Crockett . Bavo Defurne . John Di Stefano . Cirilo Domini . Flyingcity . Calvin Forbes . Luis Francia . Bia Gayotto . Permi K. Gill . Vince Golveo . MA Greenstein . Frederikke Hansen . Pato Hebert . Heman . Kate Hers . Margaret Honda . Sean Huang . Salomon Huerta . Wendy Jacob . Vibeke Jensen . Jette Hye Jin . Vincent Johnson . Jane Jin Kaisen . Dredge Byung'chu Kang . Laura Kang . David Khang . Elena J. Kim . Hyung Soo Kim . Jin Soo Kim . Kim Kyung Yeon . Rose Kim . Ellen Krout-Hasegawa . Sowon Kwon . Ulrich Lau . Le Quy Anh Hao . Le Thi Viet Ha . Steven Evan Lam . Viet Le . Erin Lee . Jin Lee . Nathalie Mihee Lemoine . Pikki Leung . Vivian Wenli Lin . Lucy Lippard . Huntz Liu . David Lloyd . Eve Luckring . Ly Hoang Ly . Tala Mateo . Kim Mitseff . Young Min Moon . Fred Moten . Koh Byoung-ok . Varsha Nair . Tone Olaf Nielsen . Christine Nguyen . Nguyen Duc Thinh . Nguyen Nhu Huy . Nguyen Tan Hoang . Viet Nguyen . Odili Donald Odita . Other: Arab Artists Collective . Brenda Paik Sunoo . Oona Paredes . Carrie Patterson . Claire Pentecost . Kelly Le Lan Phuong . Peter Precourt . Salvatore Reda . Jason Reed . Adrian Rivas . Rachelle Rojani . James Rojas . Tomas Ruller . Karla Sachse . Connie Samaras . Jose Sarinana . Petra Schilder . Sarita See . Yoshiko Shimada . Kyoungmi Shin . Susan Silton . Jeffrey Skoller . Mathew Sloly . Anne Smolar . Bill St. Amant . Rich Streimatter-Tran . Haruko Tanaka . Daniel Bastian Tandjung . Henry Tsang . UFOlab . Nodeth Vang . Dee Williams . Fred Wilson . Midori Yamamura . Kim Yasuda . HK Zamani . Ji Young Yoo

"Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better."
-- Martin Luther King Jr.
On 30 April 1992, a satellite operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration began transmitting an image of an unusual heat source emanating from Southern California. This heat source...was as hot as the Mount Pinatubo eruption of 1991 in the Philippines...[and] was attributed to the fact that "an average of three new fires were started each minute during the three hours preceding the image." from Min Hyoung Song's Strange Future: Pessimism and the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

The A/P/A Institute presents a new exhibition curated by Yong Soon Min, A/P/A Institute Visiting Artist/Scholar. Deploying as a point of departure, the Dadaist/Surrealist game of the Cadavre Exquis (Exquisite Corpse) in which a composition of words or images are collaboratively created, and inspired by the simple yet potentially symbolic act of stacking stones, participants were invited to create in collaboration considering chance as an element in vertically structured projects. The resulting exhibition presents a wide and multidisciplinary array of contributions from an international group of collaborators.

With this year marking the 15th anniversary of the L.A. civil conflagration of 1992, the works in the exhibition pursue the necessary dialogue about the richness and tensions that characterize cosmopolitan contact zones. Dubbed the first "multicultural riot," this event offers sobering, cautionary lessons that have yet to be fully understood or confronted--indeed an unfinished crisis--the vestiges of which can be seen in the currency of recent anti-immigration mobilizations and legislation and its exuberant counter demonstrations and actions. Especially for a new generation for whom this event is already "history," this project aims to keep this history "real" and relevant. Certainly, more nuanced discussions and fresh perspectives are necessary within and among the various underserved groups implicated in this event in which the asymmetry in power relations is quite complex and layered. One symbolic beacon from the past that is pointedly recalled for this project is the multi-disciplinary journal "Crisis" founded by W.E.B. Dubois in 1910 that evolved into "The New Crisis: the Magazine of Opportunities and Ideas" in the more recent past. The exhibition title suggests an embedded understanding that every crisis presents an opportunity for coalescing an acute desire to affect change.

The exhibition represents an open invitation to take a leap of faith and imagination to envision EXQUISITE possibilities, fresh insights, new subjectivities, unexpected questions and astounding pleasures in engaging with the past, present and future.