It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we learned of the passing of poet, visual artist, community leader, and dear friend Fay Chiang (December 7, 1952-October 20, 2017). During her residency with us in 2003, Fay wrote about her commitments to movement and community building, to her family, and to youth:

“Battling my 3rd bout of breast cancer, I am getting a sense of that time when I can no longer do the things I am able to do now. I think of my fourteen-year-old daughter, Xian, and what it is I want to say to her, what I want her to know about me. I think about the next generation, students here at NYU’s A/P/A Studies Program & Institute and the young people I work with at Project Reach, a youth center on the Lower East Side for young people at risk, and what it is they would want to know, what I can share with them in mutual working and learning experiences. And I look forward to all of it.”

Fay, we will miss you and will continue to be inspired by your dedication and fearless spirit. Rest in power.


Photo: Self-portrait by Fay Chiang.