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Call for Artists —
The Blue Sky Project 2010

A call for artists message sent from artist ON megumi Akiyoshi:

There is an exhibition in Niigata prefecture this Summer
that I’ve participated in ’07 & ’08 with Yoko Ono etc.
I am joining this year again, and they are calling for participations.

Please read the link for details:

If you are willing to be a part of, please contact Mr. Michio Horikawa by July 7th,
and email your image by July 20th.

Michio Horikawa
1-16-4 Higashishiro-cho
Joetsu-shi  Niigata-ken
JAPAN  943-0836

This show will be held at the civic gallery, and Imai museum in Niigata.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to announce the 5th Blue Sky Project exhibition for this year.

Please participate in an art event through the Internet!
Our Theme Is World Peace, Our Motif is the Blue Sky That Envelopes Earth
The 5th Blue Sky Project: An International Exhibition–Love, Blue Sky, and Peace

Participation Guidelines
1. Purpose
On September 11, 2001, the New York-based art historian Reiko Tomii photographed the tragedy of World Trade Center from her home, and uploaded three photographs for her Japanese friends. After a few years, I looked at her photographs and other documentary photographs, I realized one thing: there was a beautiful blue sky over New York. There was also a beautiful blue sky over Hiroshima on August 6, and over Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, when atomic bombs were dropped on these Japanese cities. The blue sky was the backdrop of historic human follies, again and again.

I decided to reverse the situation–making the blue sky for a. backdrop of world peace, and conceived Blue Sky Project: An International Exhibition.

This year, we are organizing the 5th exhibition.

Above the clouds, there is the blue sky that envelopes the Earth. We will never make the beautiful blue sky a backdrop of war, nuclear bombing, terrorism, massacre, and other destructive acts. Never again.
The blue sky is our shared motif. We want you to freely express your hope for happiness of all the people in the world. We want to tell this message to many people in the world.

2. Theme
Message from the Blue Sky (world peace, international understanding, international friendship, human rights, well-being, environment, etc.)

3. Period&Venue
a) July31 (Saturday) to August 8(Sunday), 2010
Civic Gallery, Takada Library in Takada Park, MotosiroCho, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

b) Round Exhibition /August 20,21,22,27,28,29, 2010
Imai Museum, Mitsuke City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

4. Participation Guidelines: To participate from abroad
1) One work per each artist.
2) No participation fees required.
3) You may send your work (up to A3 size) via e-mail attachment or air mail. Please keep the attachment file under the reasonable (e-mail-compatible) size.
4) Any medium is fine, as long as the work expresses the exhibition’s theme: painting, poster, illustration, illustrated letter, calligraphy, message, instruction, computer graphics, photograph, photo-mail, etc. They must be submitted in a digital form via e-mail attachment.

6. How to Participate
1) Application deadline: extended to July7 for participation from outside Japan
Please contact Michio Horikawa at
2) Delivery deadline: July20, please send as e-mail attachment
3) Installation: July31, deinstallation: August 8
Round Exhibition /Installation: August 19, deinstallation: August 29
5. Others
1) All participating works will be posted on the exhibition’s website.
2) Official website for the exhibition in 2006-2009:

6. Organizer: Blue Sky Project Exhibition Organizing Committee (as of June10)
Michio Horikawa, Tadashi Maeyama, Noriko Kanaya, Kenji Funami, website: Shinichi Noguchi

7. Sponsors
City of Joetsu
Joetsu City Education Board
Joetsu International Exchange Association
Joetsu Art Education Federation

8. Contact for Organizing Committee
Blue Sky Project Exhibition Organizing Committee
(Attention: Horikawa Michio)
1-16-4 Higashishirocho, Joetsu , Niigata Prefecture 943-0836 JAPAN
Tel&Fax: +81-25-521-2725



5回Blue Sky Project国際美術展

Love Blue Sky & Peace-ゲスト参加要項


(Key Word/国際平和、国際理解、国際親善、国際交流、人権尊重、福祉、エコロジー)

1 趣旨

青空は雲の上にあって地球を包んでいます。青空は一つにつながっています。美しい 青空を戦争、原子爆弾、テロ、大量殺戮、破壊のための破壊や収奪などの背景としてはなりません。青空を共通のモチーフとし、世界の人々の幸福につながるテーマをアートで自由に表現し、広汎な人々に伝えたいと考えます。皆様の参加をお願いいたします。


このような視点を逆立させ、青空をモチーフに世界の平和を希求するBlue Sky Project国際美術展を構想しました。そして5回の連続開催目標を掲げて取り組んできました。今年は第5回最終展です。


2 会期と会場

①上越展 7月31日(土)〜8月8日(日)


会場 上越市立高田図書館•市民ギャラリー

新潟県上越市本城町8-30 高田公園内 025-523-1086 〒943-0835


②見附展 8月20日(金)〜29日(日)


会場 見附市・今井美術館 見附市学校町2-8-8 0258-63-4501 〒954-0052


3 作品の規格

① 作品について


② 作品のサイズ

平面作品 S10号(53cm×53cm)以内。(メール添付は送付可能なメガ数で)

立体作品 郵送、宅急便で送付可能な範囲。


4 参加申し込み&作品送付について

① 参加費は無料。申し込み締め切りは6月30日。

② 事務局は参加申込を確認し、必要書類を送付する。

③ 事務局は案内状を7月7日頃までに作成し、各参加者に送付する。

④ 参加者は7月25日までに事務局へ作品を搬入、送付する。

5 その他

① 事務局への作品搬入、送付方法は手渡し、郵便、宅配便、電子メールの4つから選択する。

② 作品搬入の費用は参加者の負担とする。返送費用は主催者で負担する。

③ ガラスで額装された作品の搬入、送付に当たっては必ず「取扱注意」を明記する。

④ 外国からの作品送付は、原則として電子メールを使用するものとする。

⑤ 作品の展示、写真撮影、広報等の使用権は実行委員会に帰属するものとする。

⑥ CDや電子メールで送付されたデジタル作品は、A3サイズ以内にプリントアウトし展示される。

⑧ 参加者全員の出品作品をプロジェクトのホームページで紹介する。

⑨ ビデオ、DVD作品などで視聴覚機器が必要な場合は準備のため早めに連絡をお願いします。

⑩ 現場でのパフォーマンスの場合は出演日時を調整する。

⑪ 第1回〜第4回‘06展〜‘09展のホームページは下記をごらん下さい。

6 主 催 Blue Sky Project展実行委員会 (6月10日現在)

堀川紀夫、前山忠、金谷範子、筑波進、舟見倹二、古田洋司他 Web担当 野口慎一

7 共 催 見附市 今井美術館

8 協 賛 ギャラリー花地蔵(5月1日現在)

9 後 援

上越市 上越市教育委員会 見附市教育委員会 上越国際交流協会 上越美術教育連盟 その他

10 関連行事(最終回に当たり、講演会、協賛展(同一会期)、交流会等を実施する。)

① 記念レクチャー「from NEW YORK」 美術史家 富井玲子(NY在住、本展のコンセプト写真撮影者)

② 「杉みき子と村山陽の青空世界」展 会場 ギャラリー花地蔵企画(本町4)

③ 「筑波進の青の世界」展 会場 Art&Design室(上越市南教育センター内、本城9)

④ 「舟見倹二と青空」展  会場 自宅ギャラリー(南城3)

⑤ その他(交流会,ゲスト作家の招聘等企画中)

11 事務局

Blue Sky Project国際美術展実行委員会事務局 堀川紀夫(Horikawa Michio)

943-0836 上越市東城町1-16-4  Tel&Fax 025-521-2725


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RENE J. MARQUEZ — “CORNELIO OF THE FIELDS” Paintings, Drawings, Video
at Cultural Center of the Philippines



Paintings, Drawings, Video

July 1 to August 15, 2010

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 1, 6-8pm

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Small Gallery)

4th Floor, Sentrong Pangkultura ng Pilipinas, CCP Complex

Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

The exhibition’s title refers to the artist’s paternal grandfather, but the exhibition’s real subject is the family photograph, and, more specifically, the sentimentality that belies family pictures. Artist Marquez, born in the Philippines and raised in the U.S., explores personal iconographies that emerge from family pictures and asks “what’s wrong with sentimentality?”—particularly in a diasporic context and in relation to the modernism of Western intellectual thought.

Expanding upon Marquez’s recent article, “The Postcolonial Sentimental: Imagining Cornelio” (International Journal of the Arts in Society), this exhibition interrogates the relationship between the artist the grandfather he never knew. Grandfather Cornelio serves as a metaphor for aspects of the diasporic condition, a critique of Western intellectual imperialism, and considerations of global culture. Provoked by Nicolas Bourriaud’s Altermodern, the Tate Triennial, Marquez explores how artists contribute to contemporary, ontological revision and reconstruction vis a` vis cultural hybridity. Cornelio simultaneously represents the desire for concrete self-definition—“where do I come from”—but also the impossibility of realizing this desire. “Where I come from” reflects imagination constructed by ever changing contexts and implicated by sentimentality.

As much as the work in this exhibition investigates images, the paintings, drawings, and video can be regarded as representations of representations themselves: a painting is of a photograph as opposed to of a person. In this respect, Marquez’s work is very much a material investigation. He situates material culture within the “creolization” that Bourriaud posits as characterizing contemporary culture globally. Furthermore, the implicit sentimentality attached to objects serves the mashup that we call cultural hybridity which, in turn, encourages and acknowledges new subjectivities.

Marquez currently resides in the Philadelphia area where he serves on the Art faculty at the University of Delaware.

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Steel Helmets: U.S. Korean War Graphics and Korean War in Color at Korea Society, NYC

Dear Friends of The Korea Society,

I am pleased to invite you to a preview reception for the opening of our two newest exhibitions Steel Helmets: U.S. Korean War Graphics and Korean War in Color. The reception will be hosted at The Korea Society Gallery on Thursday, June 17th at 6:00 PM.

As the beginning of the Korean War meets its 60th anniversary this month, these exhibitions will feature framed film posters, and combat comics from the era that capture the essence of the Korean War. The exhibition also includes thirty color photographs taken during the Korean War by former war correspondent and veteran John Rich. The exhibits will be officially open to the public from June 25th to September 10th, 2010.

I hope you will be able to join us for this special opening event that is to follow in an evening of historical meaning, tribute, and most importantly, lasting commemoration.
To RSVP, or if you would like further information, please contact me at

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration. We look forward to seeing you on the 17th.

Sincerely yours, 
Heewon Kim
Program Officer, The Arts
The Korea Society
950 Third Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10022

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Erasing Borders: Eighth Annual IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2011

Erasing Borders: Eighth Annual
IAAC Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2011
Deadline: September 15, 2010

The Indo American Arts Council is delighted to announce its Call for Submissions for the Erasing Borders Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art of the Diaspora 2011.
Curated by Vijay Kumar, Erasing Borders explores the contributions of artists whose origins can be traced to the Indian Subcontinent. The exhibition travels to several key galleries and museums in North America from February – December each year. Please visit


  • Artwork submitted must have been completed within the last two years
  • All visual art genres will be considered
  • Works in progress will be considered with attached explanations
  • Artists living in North America who have their origins in the Indian Subcontinent
  • All submissions must be received by the deadline of September 15, 2010
  • Works not yet exhibited are highly recommended
  • Collaborative works will also be considered

(artwork will not be considered if we have not received all the requested materials below)

  • All information must be on a CD, labeled with artist’s Name, E-mail and Phone Number
  • The CD must include high resolution images (at least 1500 x 2100 pixels 300dpi) of the artwork
  • All images must include: Title, Size, Medium, Price
  • The CD to also include a document containing artist’s Full Name, E-mail, Web Address, Mailing Address and Phone Number
  • Artist’s Photograph (at least 1200 x 1200 pixels, 300 dpi)
  • Artists Statement
  • Biodata
  • Submission fee :$10

Submission deadline: September 15, 2010
Participating artists for 2011 will be announced November 2010

Please send all submissions to:
Erasing Borders 2011
Indo-American Arts Council Inc
517 East 87th Street, Suite 1B
New York, NY 10128


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MFA Students: Apply for a CAA Fellowship

Full details on the recently restored Professional-Development Fellowships in the Visual Arts, including the application form, have just been posted to the CAA website.

Later this fall, CAA will award five grants of $5,000 each to outstanding students who will receive MFA degrees in calendar year 2011. Honorable mentions, awarded at the discretion of the jury, will receive a free one-year CAA membership and complimentary registration to the Annual Conference.

CAA’s Professional-Development Fellowships in the Visual Arts offer financial assistance to promising MFA candidates. Fellows are honored with grants to help them with various aspects of their work, whether it be for job-search expenses or purchasing materials for the studio. CAA believes a grant of this kind, without contingencies, can best facilitate the transition between graduate studies and professional careers.

Applications must be postmarked by Friday, October 1, 2010.

Copyright © 2010 College Art Association.

275 Seventh Avenue, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10001 | T: 212-691-1051 | F: 212-627-2381 |

The College Art Association supports all practitioners and interpreters of visual art and culture, including artists and scholars, who join together to cultivate the ongoing understanding of art as a fundamental form of human expression. Representing its members’ professional needs, CAA is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards of scholarship, creativity, connoisseurship, criticism, and teaching.

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The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles and Japanese American Cultural and Community Center present Winter Garden: The Exploration of the Micropop Imagination in Contemporary Japanese Art


Renowned art critic Midori Matsui is the curator for this exhibit that boasts a wide spectrum of work, including the world of “Micropop” as embodied by a generation of 14young Japanese artists who came onto the scene from the latter half of the 1990s throughout the first decade of the 21th Century. “Micropop,” a word coined by Matsui, refers to the unique worldview of artists who rearrange diverse fragments of information and knowledge to give new meanings and uses to things that are outdated and commonplace.


Artists include: Tam OchiaiRyoko AokiHiroshi SugitoKeisuke Yamamoto , Lyota YagiKoki TanakaAya Takano , Mahomi KunikataMakiko KudoTaro Izumi,Masanori HandaHiroe SaekiChimPom, and Masaya Chiba.


Saturday, June 12 ~ Sunday, July 18, 2010

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center

George J. Doizaki Gallery

244 S. San Pedro Street,

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Galley Hours
Tuesday-Friday, 12-5pm

Saturday-Sunday 11am-4pm
Closed Monday and Holidays

Admission Free

For more Information: 213.628.2725 ex 133   Gavin Kelly

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Skills Swap & Idea Party — NYC

Skills Swap & Idea Party

A Collaboration of and Chanika Svetvilas
Tuesday, June 29, 6-9pm – FREE

TALLLER BORICUA galleries at the Julia De Burgos Latino Cultural Center
1680 Lexington Avenue, between 105 & 106 Streets, NYC
Light refreshments will be served.

SKILLS SWAP – 6-7:30pm: Seek and you shall find! Meet other people interested in bartering skills and exchanging experiences or expertise.

IDEA PARTY – 7:30-9pm: Want feedback on an idea? Each person has 10 minutes to present an idea and get feedback from the group.

Visit to sign up! Please RSVP by June 25

WHAT IS A SKILLS SWAP? At the Skills Swap you will have the opportunity to exchange 1-3 skills or services for another. Think of what you’re looking for, and hopefully you’ll find it. For instance, you could trade sewing for dog walking. And if you sew, you can offer to teach the skill or hem or tailor one piece of clothing.

Guests will write the skills they would like to share and what they are seeking on label tags. Each person will be given 3 popsicle sticks to list the skill or service and contact information to exchange with others during the evening. Participants will have the opportunity to continue to barter through, an online bartering site.

WHAT IS AN IDEA PARTY? An Idea Party works like this: We’ll set up groups of up to 10 participants who will present their ideas in the following fashion:

“This is what I want to do:_________; here is my obstacle:_________.” For example: “I want to have a block party; but I don’t know what the procedures are.” Next, the group will brainstorm solutions and offer information. Each participant presents an idea and shares advice with others.

Who? Have you ever had an idea? Good, you are eligible.
How? Enrollment is limited. Please RSVP with your idea/goal and obstacle by June 25th.

Idea Parties were introduced to by Erin Marie Sickler at Trade School, a project of Co-presented by The Field & Taller Boricua, with support form Senator José Serrano, as part of The Field’s program Economic Revitalization for Performing Artists


OurGoods is a barter website for anyone with a creative project. The site matches barter partners, provides accountability tools, and offers technical assistance resources to help artists complete their barters and their projects successfully.

OurGoods emerges in response to the current economic crisis. To some extent, the arts have always existed in a recession economy. Independent artists in particular are experts at making do with very limited resources. As it becomes clear that even those limited resources will shrink in the coming years, OurGoods enables us to leverage what we already do well in order to create a support system for ourselves. For more information, visit OurGoods is a recipient of The Field’s Economic Revitalization for Performing Artists (ERPA) grant. ERPA receives funding from The Rockefeller Foundation’s Cultural Innovation Fund.

Chanika Svetvilas presented her first public Skills Swap at Taller Boricua in conjunction with her solo show Import/Export that involved a team of ten people to complete the installation of transformed readymade materials that reflected on the relationship between labor, consumerism, and migration and ultimately globalization. Chanika has exhibited citywide in New York as well as Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Denver, and has held residencies at Rotunda/BCAT/Brooklyn Community Access Television and UpSet Press (New York). She received a B.S. in studio art from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York and will pursue her MFA at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH, fall 2010.

Erin Sickler is an independent curator and writer based in New York City. Previously, she has worked at institutions including the Queens Museum of Art and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center. Recent exhibitions include: Queens International 4 (Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY 2009), Hanging Out at No Rio (ABC No Rio and Cuchifritos Gallery, New York, NY, 2009), and Apologies and Further Concessions (BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2010). She is Exhibitions and Collections Manager for 601Artspace and the New York correspondent for the Swiss art magazine Kunst Bulletin. This summer she will be a 2010 Fellow at the Smithsonian Latino Center

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