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SUBMIT NOW!! Process/Practice/Portfolio 2.0 — A Seminar for South Asian Visual Artists and Academics

Process/Practice/Portfolio 2.0
A Seminar for South Asian Visual Artists and Academics

Saturday, July 13 and Sunday July 14, 2013

@ Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU
8 Washington Mews
(btwn 5th Ave and University Pl)

SAWCC is proud to present Process/Practice/Portfolio 2.0 (P/P/P 2.0), an exciting opportunity for academics and emerging visual artists to meet SAWCC artists, curators, and arts professionals; participate in panels; present and receive feedback on their work; and tour artists’ studios.  P/P/P 2.0 is an intensive seminar geared towards helping female South Asian visual artists by fostering academic exchange and dialogue about their work. The aim is to provide artists and academics with a community of peers to support, challenge, and fine-tune their practice through sustained interaction. Our first seminar, held at Pratt Institute in 2011, was attended by twenty women from around the country and has resulted in three participants joining the SAWCC board. With P/P/P 2.0, we are including discussions with art historians and academics to broaden the dialogue. As a follow-up to P/P/P 2.0, selected participants will be able to hold regular studio visits, culminating in group presentations to the public through SAWCC’s Studio Circle.

For this seminar, there will be 22 slots available to artists and 8 slots available to academics. An application with work samples is required to be considered for this program. Women wishing to access SAWCC’s resources beyond the seminar are strongly encouraged to apply. Application deadline is May 31st, 2013.

For details on how to apply, full schedule, and bios, visit our website at

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“OTHER ASIAS” — CAA panel call for papers — chaired by Susette Min

Other Asias

Susette Min, University of California, Davis. Email:

This panel examines how Asia is rendered in and through curatorial
practices beyond nation-state, global north-south, third and first world
paradigms. In contrast to exhibitions that recall nineteenth-century world
exhibitions or present Asia regionally through a narrow scope of natural
disasters, human crises, or ethnic identities, a number of recent
exhibitions –biennials, curatorial collaborations– have envisaged “Asia”
differently. Avoiding dichotomies such as East/West and North/South, the
curatorial structure and selected artworks of these exhibitions
de-territorialize Asia, destabilize the spatial and temporal ways art
history, area studies, and Asian American studies conceive of Asia, and
challenge embedded understandings of modernity and transnationalism. The
panel seeks papers that offer critical reviews or examinations of these
exhibitions, specifically focusing on how they inspire alternative networks
and assemblages that open up new geographies and art histories through
metaphors of connection–archipelago, ocean, rim, port. How might these
connections for example reveal models of South-South art worlds or link
Asia and Africa, Europe, or the U.S. in radically different ways?

Call for Participation
Propose a Paper or Presentation for the 2014 Annual Conference
2014 Call for Participation

The 2014 Call for Participation for the 102nd Annual Conference, taking
place February 12–15, 2014, in Chicago, describes many of next year’s
programs sessions. CAA and the session chairs invite your participation:
please follow the instructions in the booklet to submit a proposal for a
paper or presentation. This publication also includes a call for Poster
Session proposals and describes the seven Open Forms sessions.

Listing more than 120 panels, the 2014 Call for Participation will soon
mail to all individual and institutional members; you can also download a
PDF of the twenty-seven-page document from the CAA website immediately.

The deadline for proposals of papers and presentations for the Chicago
conference is Monday, May 6, 2013.

In addition to dozens of wide-ranging panels on art history, studio art,
contemporary issues, and professional and educational practices, CAA
conference attendees can expect participation from many area schools,
museums, galleries, and other institutions. The Hilton Chicago on South
Michigan Avenue (in the Loop) is the conference headquarters, holding most
sessions, Career Services, the Book and Trade Fair, ARTspace, special
events, and more. Deadline: May 6, 2013.

For more information about proposals of papers and presentations for the
2014 Annual Conference, please contact Lauren Stark, CAA manager of
programs, at 212-392-4405.

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