“0-Viewpoint” by Stella Zhang

Exhibition Date: April 23 – Sept. 5, 2010.
Artist Talk : June 24, 2010 at 6pm.
Admission: Free.  Chinese Cultural Center of San Francisco, CA. Curated by Abby Chen.

In this show, the installation artist Stella Zhang brings to us the inner landscape of her transnational experience. It is a search for one’s selfhood.  Through her work, we are invited to venture and explore our own personal connection to the artwork and by extension to the artist and her experience.

Stella Zhang has been a long time Californian. She was born in Beijing, China and was educated in both China and Japan at the Tama Artist University and the Tokyo Art University where her unique talent of using nontraditional style to depict the concept of existence and flexibility was critically acclaimed. Her latest work, “0—Viewpoint” which debuted on April 22, was created to convey the idea that everything came into existence by beginning at 0.

Xian Rui is the Chinese Culture Center’s Annual Solo Exhibition Series. The meaning behind “Xian Rui” is “fresh and sharp”. As the name implies, this series seeks artists whose work exhibits a bold and innovative approach to art. It was created to bring visibility to the work of exceptional but under recognized Chinese artists in the US and to give viewers a renewed appreciation and fresh perspective on contemporary Chinese culture.

Annual Xian Rui Artist Excellence Exhibition is graciously funded by the Phyllis Wattis Foundation. 2010 artist is Stella Zhang’s “0-Viewpoint”. 2009 artist was Dora Hsiung and 2008 artist was Beili Liu.

For more information about the exhibition, please click here.

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