New Short Films by Chi Jan Yin — DePaul Art Museum, Chicago IL

Chinese-born media artist Chi Jang Yin is known for her experimental and documentary artwork, which comments upon the state of Chinese culture, past and present. She often imbues her work with elements from her background in photography and performance art. Her videos were recently awarded: Honorable Mention at the In-Out Festival (Poland); Best Film on Architecture at the Asolo Art Film Festival (Italy); and Second Grand Prize at the Athens International Film Festival, (USA). Her work has screened at the 2008 Asian Art Biennial at the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan); the Los Angeles Film Festival (USA), and the Amsterdam International Documentary Festival-IDFA (The Netherlands).

DePaul Art Museum
Thursday, March 3rd, from 6pm to 7:30pm

Program: total length, 63 minutes
Seven new shorts will be presented and a Q&A with the artist will follow.
For more information about the artist:

“Director Chi-Jang Yin is showing unusual picture of working people in China. This experimental assembly linked with different stories shrouded in mystery. The film reveals the natural human being what reflects the specific nature of the work.”
–Poland Gdansk DocFilm Festival, Tri-City Theater, (April 23-25), Gdansk, Poland, 2010

“Lighthouse, 16 mins (2009), is about Chinese workers working and living at a factory town in southern China. The events of seeing, being seen and remaining unseen open up imagination, understandings and communicate a social statement.”
–The Noe Valley Ministry, Experimental Films by Chi Jang Yin, San Francisco, CA, 2009

“Lighthouse captures reality without comment and leaves the questions and answers to us.”
–Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival IDFA, reviewed by Anna Abrahams, November, 2009

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