Critical Ethnic Studies Association Conf. – Mixed Race Asian American Art Panel

Critical Ethnic Studies Association Conference
University of California, Riverside

Panel Presentation – Thursday, March 10, 2011 9am. Location – HUBB 355

“War Baby/Love Child: Mixed Race Asian American Art”
Laura Kina, DePaul University: Chair
Laura Kina, DePaul University – “Same, Same, but Different”: Mixed Racea Asian American Art and the Postracial Dilemma
Gina Osterloh, Silverlens Gallery and Fran├žois Ghebaly Gallery – Somewhere Tropical
Wei Ming Dariotis, San Francisco State University – Miscegenating the Discourse: How Mixed Race Studies Met Asian American Studies and What Will Happen to Their Children

Visit the conference website for details:

Gina Osterloh, Burnt Out, Died, Got Some Rest, and then Waited (Somewhere Tropical), Lightjet Photograph, 40x40 in., 2005


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