Support Asian American Theater in Chicago

Over 30 Asian American theater artists have pooled together their talents to create the theatrical event, “My Asian Mom”. Produced by A-Squared Theatre Workshop, this is the first show of its kind in Chicago. “My Asian Mom” needs $3,500 to successfully run its show from May 4-26, 2012. If we don’t raise that amount in 30 days, we won’t raise any funds, so please consider donating to support Asian American, independent theater. Your donation is tax deductible.

A-Squared Theatre Workshop is a Chicago based collective that creates an artistic environment of risk taking and growth for Asian American theater artists by dynamically bringing Asian American stories to the stage for general theater-going audiences. A-Squared is a 501c3, non-profit organization.

“My Asian Mom” is a theatrical show of eight, ten minute, one act plays with the common thread of Asian motherhood in all its awkward glory. Expect complex comedy, poignant drama and total honesty. We share our version of the universal mother-child relationship with respect, humour, and fond memories of the best tasting, strongest smelling food, ever. We present “My Asian Mom” in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage month and, of course, Mother’s Day.

Learn more about A-Squared Theatre Workshop and support “My Asian Mom” here: There are great perks available for your donations, as well.

Thanks for your contribution and consider sharing this call for support with your community. Together we can raise enough funds to keep Asian American theater thriving in Chicago.

Mia Park
A-Squared Theatre Workshop
Co-founder and Board Member

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