Each NEH Summer Institute participant receives a $2,700 stipend, provided upon arrival in New York City. The stipend is to be used for institute expenses, including travel, lodging, food, and books. Field trip travel is covered by the organizers, as are admissions to the museums and other sites. If, for any reason, you do not complete the full three weeks of instruction, you are responsible for reimbursing A/P/A Institute at New York University at a prorated amount. The stipend is considered taxable income, so participants will receive a 1099 form next year from NYU.

Below is a sample budget that suggests how the $2,700 stipend might be used. The “low” estimate assumes you will take a bus to New York City or find an inexpensive flight, lodge in a dorm room, eat most meals on campus, and already own most of the required texts (or buy them used). The “high” figure assumes you will take a more expensive flight and stay in an off-campus apartment sublet, eat out more often, and buy most books new. These are estimates, of course, but they illustrate that the stipend can cover most expenses. Even if you are out-of-pocket, we think you will agree that the experience will be worth it.

Sample Budget


Low Estimate

High Estimate

Transportation $300 $800
Lodging $750 $2,500
Food $400 $800
Books $100 $200
Parking $0 $300
Total $1,550 $4,600
Difference from Stipend $1,150 -$1900