Seventy years have passed since ousted British colonials slashed a crude dividing line through the subcontinent of South Asia, resulting in one of the largest and bloodiest mass migrations in the history of the world. It is the memory of this dislocation, separation, and trauma that haunts and is echoed in the work of the prolific Zarina. Through the stark geometry and cartography of her melancholic prints and sculpture, Zarina presents the border as an instrument of control and violence—as an ongoing site of contestation, while never letting us forget the extraordinary loss of human life, and connection to place, family, home, and community that results from the establishment of politically manipulative divisions. In our current moment of rising white American nationalistic fervor, calls for increased surveillance and border security (literally “Build the wall!” and “Ban them all!”), constant war, and a global refugee crisis, we eagerly welcome Zarina as the 2017-18 Artist-in-Residence.