Photograph of the installation Grief Garden, which features trellises, vines, and paper cutouts of flora and fauna.The Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU unveils Khaty Xiong‘s Grief Garden, an immersive poetry installation that seeks to reframe grieving as a necessary public and political act. In the throes of a pandemic that has claimed over 900,000 lives in this country alone, Xiong’s work provides us with a much-needed opportunity to address our collective trauma.

Grief Garden will be on view at 8 Washington Mews from Tuesday, March 1-Friday, May 27, 2022, and invites guests to rest, meditate, and write messages to lost lives and loved ones. These messages and reflections are then added to the garden, and become part of the installation.

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Photograph ©Creighton: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau.