Photograph of E. Tammy Kim, alongside text "E. Tammy Kim, 2022-23 Artist-in-Residence"
Photograph by Sarah Shatz.

“Where do you come from when you’re born on a US military base abroad? And what if that base is in your parents’ native land?…I have spent the last few years reporting on and around US bases in South Korea. How has this Cold War arrangement continued to shape people’s lives in both countries? As the 2022–23 Writer-in-Residence at the A/P/A Institute at NYU, I will develop a personal project on the US–South Korea military relationship. My research combines reporting, family history, and images to explore notions of complicity, and ambiguity, in empire.

—E. Tammy Kim

We are proud to announce E. Tammy Kim as the 2022-23 Writer-in-Residence at the A/P/A Institute at NYU. Director Crystal Parikh writes, “As we focus this year on the theme of ‘Recovery and Repair,’ Kim’s thoughtful and judicious reportage on a wide range of topics across several media platforms will provide us insight on how to address the many social and political challenges that Asian/Pacific Americans face today.”

Learn more about Kim’s work and residency.