A still from Isabel Sandoval's Lingua Franca. Text reads, 'Isabel Sandoval: 2023-24 Artist-in-Residence'

“What does it mean to be a diasporic Philippine-born filmmaker? How does that influence one’s subjectivity, ideological or political concerns, and aesthetic sensibility?… A tremendous honor, the residency arrives at a pivotal juncture in my evolution as a filmmaker. A singular aesthetic has emerged in my work–a political impulse merged with a style that is lyrical, sensual, poetic. My style evolved as a result of experimentation and artistic risk-taking, something that I want to take to more ambitious and radical heights…. After all, the most transgressive thing I can do as a diasporic artist is to defy the supposed boundaries of cinema to create something bold, original, and transcendent.”

—Isabel Sandoval

Isabel Sandoval has called cinema “a gesture of empathetic imagination” and her films have been described as exhibiting a “muted, serene aesthetic.” Focusing on the theme “Learning as We Go,” this year we look to explore the forms and avenues education can take, as a response to the many attacks on critical race theory, affirmative action, diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts, and academic freedom that face scholars, teachers, and students in our current moment, as well as to attacks on LGBTQ+ rights and healthcare. We take much inspiration from Sandoval’s body of work, which asks us to see, and learn from, the histories and contemporary lives of immigrant laborers, LGBTQ+ folk, and colonized peoples in an entirely new, provocative, and compassionate manner. We are honored to have Isabel Sandoval join us as the 2023-24 Artist-in-Residence.

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