2021 NYU Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange and Working Sessions

Virtual Sessions: Care and the Institution & Decolonizing Pedagogies
June 29-30, 2021


Việt Lê, untitled (refuge), 2021 (full painting and detail) mixed media (spices, glue, earth, sea salt, map, smoke, map) 20” X 18” X 1.5”
Việt Lê, untitled (refuge), 2021 (full painting and detail). Mixed media (spices, glue, earth, sea salt, map, smoke), 20” x 18” x 1.5”.

The Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange (GAX) 2021 is an intensive two-day virtual program of working sessions with scholars, artist, curators, and arts practitioners.

On Tuesday, June 29, co-convenors of GAX 2020 Janine Randerson (AUT) and Albert Refiti (AUT) will present the GAX 2020 Aotearoa publication Ngā Tai o te Ao: the global tides with contributors Léuli Eschrāghi (curator), Kerry Ann Lee (curator), and Anna Kazumi Stahl (NYU Buenos Aires).

Alice Ming Wai Jim (Concordia University) leads a conversation entitled, “When Care Becomes a Discourse: Curating Hospitality in the 21st Century;” Todd Ayoung (multimedia transdisciplinary cultural worker) addresses, “Art Strike: godzilla eleven, Strike MoMA and beyond the museum industrial complex;” and Erika Tan (artist), Jack Tan (artist), and Eelyn Lee (artist) discuss issues surrounding the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art (CFCCA) in Manchester.

Henry Tsang (Emily Carr University) presents his work Hastings Park, and Beatrice Glow (artist) speaks about the Banda Working Group.

On Wednesday, June 30, working sessions on “Decolonizing Pedagogies” will be led by:

Mark Johnson (San Francisco State University), “Activist Pedagogy”
Annie Jael Kwan (curator and researcher), “Asia-Art-Activism”
Marissa Largo (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University), “Elusive Desires: Towards a Queer Feminist Asian Diasporic Approach to Museum Education and Curation”
Việt Lê (California College of the Arts), “Return(ing) Engagements: Trauma and Strategic Cartographies in Southeast Asia”
Jane Chang Mi (Scripps College), “Navigating Digital Communities”
Albert Refiti (Auckland University of Technology School of Art), “Developing the Vā Moana Reading Group to Indigenize discursive spaces of learning in Aotearoa NZ”
John Tain (Asia Art Archive), “Teaching Learning, Learning Teaching”

Each year, GAX brings together scholars, curators, and artists and a group of core collaborative scholars from participating partner institutions. The gatherings and working sessions aim to generate research, publications, exhibitions, and other projects to strengthen international networks of scholars and curators, and create ongoing dialogue between colleagues, arts communities, and wider publics in the United States, Asia, Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Middle East in the expanding field of Global Asian and Pacific Visual Cultures.

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