The Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU, along with over fifty NYU departments, centers, and affiliated organizations, shares and supports the demands of NYU Sanctuary: “We strongly believe that we must move to declare that our institution values and protects our multiple communities in the United States and beyond; these protections are the critical heart of our collective academic engagement and inquiry. The ‘Muslim Ban’ as well as threats against undocumented individuals jeopardizes the academic freedom and freedom of movement of students, faculty and staff. NYU is a university whose members have family, community, and networks that extend beyond the United States. The immigration status of some of our own faculty, staff, and students is in jeopardy. We know that the university is already working to support potentially affected members of the NYU community. We applaud these efforts AND urge that NYU take a public leadership position as a global research university.” Learn more at


Friday, March 2, 2018: The NYU Sanctuary Coalition has created an online Incident Form in response to the increased cases of ICE and police activity targeting immigrant and other communities of color in the city at large. NYU Sanctuary has created this form to collect stories of intimidation and harassment based on immigration status or perceived immigration status on and around NYU’s campuses in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Their hope is that by collecting these stories they can advocate for proactive university responses and policies to protect our community from targeting and questioning based on immigration status or perceived immigration status. All responses will be kept confidential (your name and email address will never be shared unless you give us permission). Link to form:

 Tuesday, September 26, 2017 from President Hamilton: “The University has created a web page as a resource for those who may be affected by the travel ban. And just as we have previously submitted amicus curiae briefs in support of lawsuits challenging the travel ban, so shall we continue to look for opportunities to make our community’s objections felt on this matter. We have, in fact, had an amicus brief prepared for the upcoming Supreme Court case on the previous travel ban, though the Court has canceled the oral arguments that were scheduled for October 10, and it is currently unclear if that case will proceed.

Any members of our community who fear they could be affected by the new ban should contact the Immigrant Defense Initiative, established by the NYU School of Law in partnership with the law firm Wilmer Hale, which can provide confidential advice and legal representation.

I also want to remind any members of our community who currently maintain DACA status, but whose status expires between now and March 5, 2018, to file renewals as soon as possible…. Anyone with questions is also encouraged to contact the Immigrant Defense Initiative. Please consult this NYU web page for additional information.”