A Message From Our Director

Crystal Parikh smiling and photographed frm the shoulders up. She looks to the right of the camera. There is a microphone in front of her. Text over the phoograph reads, "A Message From Our Director."“Along with the staff at the A/P/A Institute at NYU, I look forward with excitement to another full year of events and programs. Building upon last year’s theme of ‘Migration, Refugees, and the Politics of Sanctuary,’ we felt challenged to ask about the historical and contemporary conditions that produce the migrations, diasporas, and encounters that comprise the Asian/Pacific American experience and recognize that war has been a driving engine in these processes. Our theme this year, ‘In the Wake of War,’ not only calls attention to the many different kinds of war that have shaped our community’s existence, but emphasizes its ‘wake.’ Influenced by the elegant meditations of Black Studies scholar Christina Sharpe, who reminds us that the wake refers variably to ‘the disturbance caused by a body swimming or moved, in water,’ ‘a region of disturbed flow,’ ‘a watch or vigil,’ and a ‘state of wakefulness; consciousness,’ we celebrate the work of Artist-in-Residence Ocean Vuong, our NYU colleagues and alumni, and many other scholars, activists, and artists this year. Hoping to forge relations of solidarity and care in the face and aftermath of violence, we are proud to create spaces for us to share with one another.”


—Crystal Parikh, Director