A Message From the 2019-20 Cohort of A/P/A BRIDGE

Illustration of 8 Washington Mews front door

Restoring Home: Exploring Asian American Identity & Belonging, is a year-long zine project the 2019-2020 cohort has crafted specifically for their community.

“Over the past year, we’ve explored axes of our identities and how they transect our political histories; we’ve engaged with activists and organizations local to New York City; and we’ve fostered skills in facilitation and leadership. We wanted to create something that would speak to everything we’ve learned about and ruminated on this past year, as well as make political education accessible and to be a resource to our community.

With our zine, we hope to thread together resources and narratives that re-frame Asian America: as a political force and as a community, with a rich history of struggle and solidarity. Our hope is to continue these missions and work to render our cultural and political identities as both complex and still legible through this zine project.

We hope you find this zine to be meaningful and that you’ll share it with anyone in your networks who may be interested. Thank you.” — A/P/A BRIDGE 2019-2020