A/P/A Library Archive

The Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University has an onsite Library Archive devoted to housing A/P/A history, fiction, non-fiction, serials, reports, media, and art catalogs. The bulk of the Library Archive is stored across five bookcases and materials are organized based on the Dewey Decimal System. The first three cases comprise works of non-fiction including histories, references, memoirs, etc. The fourth bookcase is dedicated to works of fiction such as novels and poetry collections as well as a variety of films and CDs. Works of A/P/A literature, historiography, and cultural analysis are featured at the Library Archive, including but not limited to Joy Luck Club, Citizen 13660, Spring Essence: the Poetry of Hô Xuân Huong, Strangers from a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans, Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora, Our Feet Walk the Sky: Women of the South Asian Diaspora, and Reimagining the American Pacific: From South Pacific to Bamboo Ridge and Beyond. The fifth bookcase is dedicated to serials such as academic journals, magazines, annual reports, and art catalogs. These materials are organized by title and volume; soft spine serials and undersized items have been filed in numbered storage containers. Other oversized materials have been rehoused for preservation purposes but can still be accessed upon request.

In addition, the Library Archive features duplicate and/or returned materials donated to but not acquired by NYU Special Collections. These include items such as newspapers, magazines, and exhibition postcards from the Yoshio Kishi and Irene Yah-Ling Sun Collection, as well as books donated by Kishi. Other materials include books from the Fay Chiang Papers, Takako Wada Papers, and miscellaneous materials published prior to 1960 or found in poor condition.

The Library Archive is open during business hours (Monday-Friday from 10:30-5:30) by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please browse our full Library Archive Catalog to determine which materials you would like to access, then fill out the Library Archive Access Form. Please note that materials may not be checked out and can only be accessed on site. For more information, please contact the A/P/A Institute via email at apa.archives@nyu.edu.