About Us

Scholarship, Access & Community

In response to student interest combined with the University’s commitment to global excellence, the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU was established in 1996 by Founding Director Jack Tchen (who led the Institute through 2018). A/P/A Institute provides a space in which research and public programs with a focus on community and intercultural studies are made accessible to faculty, students, and the New York community within a broad, rigorous international, and comparative framework.

The A/P/A Institute has produced programming, publications, exhibitions, new research, and a long-running artist-in-residence program, attracting leading academics and practitioners. The multiple archival collection initiatives, spearheaded by the A/P/A Institute, have also continued to build a foundation of, and preservation and access to, important historical documents and previously overlooked materials for present and future researchers and students.

Currently located in Greenwich Village, the A/P/A Institute continues to serve the community with public programs based off research, cultural production, and scholarship on contemporary issues facing Asian/Pacific/American communities and discourse. The Institute provides a nexus for scholars, community leaders, and artists who are working on advancing scholarship in the field and bringing theory into practice. Through public programs, publications, and other resources, the A/P/A Institute establishes forums for dialogue and interaction between socio-cultural influencers and producers, the academy, and the public.

Our Mission

The Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University recognizes that as the world becomes connected at higher speeds, international cultural connection, translation, and a shared re-imagined space come increasingly into play.

A/P/A Institute aims to promote discourse on Asian/Pacific America defying traditional boundaries, spanning Asia, to the Americas, through the Atlantic and Pacific Worlds.

A/P/A Institute works to dispel socio-cultural and political misconceptions, provide cultural and scholarly connections, lead collections building, and encourage innovative research and interdisciplinary exploration.

A/P/A Institute’s goal is to serve as an international nexus of interactive exchange and access for scholars, cultural producers, and communities from New York to beyond.