About Us

Scholarship, Access & Community

In response to student interest combined with the University’s commitment to global excellence, the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU was established in 1996 by Founding Director Jack Tchen (who led the Institute through 2018). A/P/A Institute provides a space in which research and public programs with a focus on community and intercultural studies are made accessible to faculty, students, and the New York community within a broad, rigorous international, and comparative framework.

The A/P/A Institute has produced programming, publications, exhibitions, new research, and a long-running artist-in-residence program, attracting leading academics and practitioners. The multiple archival collection initiatives, spearheaded by the A/P/A Institute, have also continued to build a foundation of, and preservation and access to, important historical documents and previously overlooked materials for present and future researchers and students.

Currently located in NoHo, the A/P/A Institute continues to serve the community with public programs based off research, cultural production, and scholarship on contemporary issues facing Asian/Pacific/American communities and discourse. The Institute provides a nexus for scholars, community leaders, and artists who are working on advancing scholarship in the field and bringing theory into practice. Through public programs, publications, and other resources, the A/P/A Institute establishes forums for dialogue and interaction between socio-cultural influencers and producers, the academy, and the public.

Our Mission

The Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University provides a space for the sharing of scholarship, art, activism, and other cultural and political exchanges about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in New York City and beyond. Our community of staff, affiliated faculty and students, artists-in-residence, visiting scholars, and invited guests cultivate dialogues about Asians and Pacific Islanders in the diaspora and across the world. We seek to understand the histories that have shaped Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, their lived experiences, and solidarities they have formed. Through collaborative programming, research, exhibitions, publications, and archival projects, the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU promotes connections across heterogeneous communities and encourages interdisciplinary conversations that span Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas.



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