Archivist of the “Yellow Peril” (February 3-July 31, 2005)

February 3, 2005 – July 31, 2005 

Yoshio Kishi Collecting for a New America

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 11.12.40 AMArchivist of the “Yellow Peril” provides a glimpse into Yoshio Kishi/Irene Yah Ling Sun Collection of Asian Americana, an extensive compilation of over 8,000 rare artifacts including rare photographs, films, cartoons, pulp magazines, advertisements, sheet music, books, journals, and other memorabilia that relate to persons of Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry.  Featured in the A/P/A Studies Gallery are select artifacts including notable images of Fu Manchu, original posters of American silent film idols Sessue Hayakawa and Anna May Wong, as well as early, first edition novels by Asian American pioneers such as Carlos Bulosan, Younghill Kang and D.S. Saund. A/P/A Studies is currently fundraising to acquire the complete Kishi/Sun collection.

Curators: Jack Tchen, Anne Kim, and Dylan Yeats.

To support A/P/A Studies in bringing this indispensable resource to NYU, please contact the Institute staff at (212) 998-3700.