EPOXY Art Group Archive (MSS 367)

epoxy-pic-1New York City-based Asian American artists founded the artist collective EPOXY in 1982. The group takes its name from epoxy resin, a binding agent which forms through the combination of two different compounds, and their namesake serves as a symbol of their mission to create collaborative art. They believed that collaboration would create works that would be more than a singular contribution and would reflect their unique cross-cultural perspectives. EPOXY exhibited at such venues as the Kwok Gallery, Sabrina Fung Gallery, Alternative Museum, and New Museum. EPOXY also participated in slide shows at venues such as the Red Spot Outdoor Theater and the Asian American Arts Centre. Founding members Bing Lee, Eric Chan, Chung Kang Lok, Jerry Kwan, Ming Fay, and Ming Kwok were originally from Hong Kong, but membership later included artists from other countries.

The EPOXY Art Group Archive includes reference materials, drawings, handwritten notes, press releases and coverage, catalogues, slides, and photographs.

To learn more about the contents of the Epoxy Art Group Archive, located at the Fales Library & Special Collections, view the collection’s finding aid.