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10 September 2013

Archive as Verb: Asia Art Archive’s Projects in India

Image credit: Vivan Sundaram and Geeta Kapur, London, 1969. Photographed by Gulammohammed Sheikh. Courtesy of Vivan Sundaram and Geeta Kapur. Acknowledgement to Asia Art Archive for making the image accessible.  Presented in collaboration with the Asia Art Archive “In the context of Asia with its specific conditions of weak knowledge infrastructure (but also physical infrastructure, in many cases) we have to think of archive as a verb, as well as a noun. To think about what we can enable, and not just what…

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10 December 2013

Serve the People Gallery Tour and Interference Archive Open House

Image: Peter Yew Police Brutality Protests (In front of New York City Supreme Court), Corky Lee, Photograph, 1975. Courtesy of the artist, Copyright Corky Lee. Serve the People: The Asian American Movement in New York charts a history of Asian American activism, organizing, and cultural production in the 1970s, the first exhibition to focus on New York as a center of this national phenomenon. Through posters, leaflets, newspapers, film, and music, Serve the People shows how Asian American identity was…

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14 February 2014

Asian/Americas: Praxis and Pedagogies

A College Art Association Conference panel, presented by the Diasporic Asian Art Network This panel seeks to think through the spectrum of theoretical and material positions between the hyphen and the slash by focusing on the construct “Asian/Americas” in relation to praxis and pedagogy. The slash challenges traditional notions of hyphenation, suggesting other possibilities for diasporic subjectivity. The plural “Americas” indicates the hemispheric extension beyond North America as well as the notion of multiple Americas. How can Asian Canadian, Asian American,…

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11 April 2014

Radical Archives

Curated by Mariam Ghani and Chitra Ganesh, the 2013-2014 A/P/A Institute at NYU Artists-in-Residence Conference sessions to take place at NYU Cantor Film Center (36 E. 8th Street) and the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU (8 Washington Mews). Please see the schedule below for details or the full program at radicalarchives.net. A two-day conferenceorganized around the notion of archiving as a radical practice, by which we mean: archives of radical politics and practices; archives that are radical in form or function; moments…

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30 May 2014

Symposium: Asian American Art: Transnational Circulations & Diasporic Framings

Image: Zhang Hongtu Shan Shui, Untitled Ink, oil on rice paper, mounted on panel 48.5 x 135.5 inch, 2013     The two-day symposium is presented as a part of the NYU Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange as a collaboration with the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU, the Smithsonian Institution Archives of American Art and Asian Pacific American Center Asian American art is considered to be the body of work created by artists of Asian ancestry (both domestic and foreign-born) in the…

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03 June 2014

Un-glitz: Art Activism and Global Cities

Presented by Steinhardt Global Integration Fund in collaboration with A/P/A Institute at NYU and the NYU Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange. This discussion will focus on ongoing artistic production on land use in global cities in a comparative conversation between artist practitioners working on gentrification issues in New York’s lower east side, the rural reconstruction movement in rural villages on the outskirts of Shanghai, and West Kowloon Cultural District and other development in Hong Kong. The Lower East Side and Chinatown…

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12 February 2015

A/P/A Institute at the College Art Association Annual Conference

The A/P/A Institute at NYU participates in the 2015 College Art Association Annual Conference in New York City. Please see below for Institute-affiliated panels and activities.   ADVA Journal Launch Event Thursday, February 12, 2015, 4:30-6:00PM at the 2015 College Art Association Annual Conference Exhibitor’s Hall (a.k.a. Book Fair), Booth 2121 Hilton Hotel Midtown 1335 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York Please come by the A/P/A Institute at NYU booth (number 2121) to toast the launch of Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the…

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01 April 2015

Lenapehoking Transformance Laboratory Roundtable

Co-presented by NYU Performances Studies and the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. The Lenapehoking Transformance Laboratory, a collaborative indigenous research strategy facilitated by Dåkot-ta Alcantara Camacho and A/P/A Institute Visiting Scholar Jack Gray, aims to set a unique precedent by presenting innovative interventions between western theater performance studies and contemporary indigenous world views and practices, and acknowledging the creative potential of Lenapehoking Territory (the indigenous name of New York City). The Transformance Laboratory invites a cohort of international and local artists…

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08 April 2015

A/P/A Institute Scholar Slam

Each year, the A/P/A Institute at NYU sponsors scholars, students, and artists to further research projects using the libraries and archives at NYU. This semester, the Institute hosts its first Scholar Slam featuring 10-minute (and 10-slide) presentations from current student and Visiting Scholars. Gaiutra Bahadur (Coolie Woman) offers findings from her biography-in-progress of Janet Jagan, the US-born former President and First Lady of Guyana (the only country with a majority Indian population in the Western hemisphere). Chitra Ganesh presents Index…

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01 May 2015

Remembering SlutForArt: Tseng Kwong Chi

A conversation and screening on Dance, Performance, and Art with Muna Tseng, Ping Chong, and Bill T. Jones moderated by Karen Shimakawa Please join us for a special conversation and screening on dance, performance, and art with Ping Chong, artist; Bill T. Jones, dancer-choreographer; and Muna Tseng, dancer-choreographer, sister of Tseng Kwong Chi and trustee of his estate, moderated by Karen Shimakawa, associate professor and chair of Performance Studies, TSOA, NYU. The event will begin with an excerpt of the performance SlutForArt…

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26 June 2015

2015 GAX Symposium: GLOBAL ASIAS | ART

Global Art and Diasporic Art in Japan and Asia Symposium jointly organized by Mori Art Museum, Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU, and Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity (IHS), The University of Tokyo as part of the 2015 Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange initiative (GAX) This symposium is set in the background of an ongoing investigation under the rubric of Global Asias Art and Visual Cultures, which includes reflections on changing connotations of Asia, the modern and the global with its…

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06 July 2015

Siting Honolulu: Land Use and Art Practice

An Artist Panel Discussion featuring Gaye Chan, Sean Connelly (via Skype), and SheenRu Yong. Moderated by Gary Liu. Each of the artists Gaye Chan, Sean Connelly, and SheenRu Yong asks of us to rethink the ways in which we are engaging with the surface of what we are fed about what Hawai‘i and its current landscape is. They challenge us to reconsider and re-determine what our relationship to Hawai‘i is, was, and might become in the future. Chan will be…

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06 July 2015

Agree or Disagree: There Is Such a Thing as a Hawaiʻi Sense of Place

An Artist Panel Discussion featuring Kaili Chun, Chae Ho Lee, Kalani Largusa, Keith Tallett. Moderated by Trisha Lagaso Goldberg. Each of the panelists Kaili Chun, Chae Ho Lee, Kalani Largusa, and Keith Tallett will offer insight into their individual practice with an aim to generate a productive dialogue on how select artists of Hawaiʻi conceptualize the notion of place. Artists are asked to consider the popular notion of “A Hawai‘i Sense of Place” as a departure point for discussion. This panel…

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07 July 2015

2015 GAX Colloquium: Transpacific Art Circulations / Islands

Presented by the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Department of Art and Art History and Art Gallery and Museum Studies Graduate Certificate Program in collaboration with the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU as an initiative of the 2015 Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange (GAX) The colloquium will be discussing Transpacific circulations of art and practice, drawing on presentations by artists engaging in transpacific and transnational diasporic practice, curators involved in framings of the Asia/Pacific within the global and scholars involved in research…

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02 September 2015

#WikiAPA Edit-a-thon

Presented by the Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center and Wikimedia NYC. Co-sponsored by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. Join us at the Museum of Modern Art for #WikiAPA, a social evening of Wikipedia editing, dedicated to creating, updating, and improving articles about Asian Pacific American art and artists. Hosted at the Museum of Modern Art library in collaboration with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center and Wikimedia NYC, this meetup will focus on unearthing information…

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10 September 2015

Visualizing Pacific Mythologies: Alexander Lee and Jason Wing

California-born and Tahiti-raised artist Alexander Lee’s interests in storytelling, mythology, the anthropic process, and post-colonial transformation are explored in his works of site-specific installations and murals, drawings, paintings, and sculptures, compounding his Hakka-Chinese origins to his Polynesian upbringing, through which he revisits Tahitian lore and representation. In his latest project, THE BOTANIST, Lee revisits the uru (breadfruit) and how its migration through colonial history has helped in the construction of the myth around Tahiti. He is currently Guest Artist Lecturer…

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11 September 2015

Video and Before: Five Japanese Pioneers

Organized by Collaborative Cataloguing Japan and co-sponsored by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU; NYU’s Departments of Art History and East Asian Studies; Moving Image Archiving & Preservation Program and Asian Film & Media Initiative, both Department of Cinema Studies; and Grey Art Gallery. Featuring works by Takahiro Iimura, Toshio Matsumoto, Ko Nakajima, Katsuhiro Yamaguchi, and Fujiko Nakaya, this screening explores the wide-ranging interests in filmic expression, technology, and themes found in videos by the first generation of Japanese artists to…

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19 October 2015

Opening: The Arts of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement, One Year On

Sponsored by NYU Department of East Asian Studies with additional support from the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. The opening for The Arts of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement, One Year On will feature a dialogue with: Oscar Ho (Professor & Director of Cultural Management Program at Chinese University of Hong Kong and member of the Museum Advisory Board for Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District; Active Participant in the Umbrella Movement) Jane DeBevoise (Chair of the Board, Asia Art Archives, Hong…

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27 October 2015


EATING IN PUBLIC was founded in 2003 in Hawai’i by Gaye Chan and Nandita Sharma. They implement systems of free autonomous exchange outside of the State and capitalist regimes in order to reclaim the commons and to relearn how to be commoners. Their projects take place on private and public space, generally without permission. Believing that the functionality of their work depends of their continued presence, most projects are permanent. Projects that occur in galleries, due to their temporary nature,…

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11 November 2015

(Re)Collecting the Vietnam War: An Asian American Literary Review Special Issue

This event is full and registration has closed. Walk-ins will be seated as capacity allows. This year marks 40 years since the end of the Vietnam War, which claimed the lives of over four million Southeast Asians across Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and created millions of refugees. What, in this moment of commemoration and reflection, are the lasting legacies of the Vietnam War / American War for Southeast Asian diasporic communities? (Re)Collecting the Vietnam War, a special issue of The…

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