Fall 2023 C.V. Starr Fund for A/P/A Research Awardees

Congratulations to the Fall 2023 C.V. Starr Fund for A/P/A Research Awardees!

Haruka Kokaze (MA student in Applied Psychology, NYU Steinhart ‘24) will work as part of a research team (other members include Victoria Bui, Ayşegül Yücel, and Ahad Asad) to understand the impact of race-based trauma in Asian American communities. The project, “Unmasking Racial Trauma: Exploring the Unspoken Impact on Asian and Asian American Well-being,” will host a public workshop to present its findings, introduce participants to culturally tailored assessment tools, and foster a brave space for mental health students and professionals to collaborate with and support Asian American populations in New York City.

How do people perceive politically conservative activists by their race, particularly conservative Asian American activists? In her dissertation “More or Less Persuasive? Perceptions of Conservative Asian American Activists,” Michelle 민영 Lee (PhD candidate in Social Psychology, NYU GSAS ’24) aims to address this question using social psychological research methods. In an increasingly diverse and politically polarizing society that is witnessing backlash against race-conscious initiatives that have political consequences (e.g., the recent rejection of affirmative action by a multiracial conservative Supreme Court supermajority), this work highlights the need to understand the psychology underlying perceptions of conservative activism. 


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