Fresh Talk Revisited (September 2, 2003-January 9, 2004)

September 02, 2003 – January 09, 2004

New York Artists from “Fresh Talk/Daring Gazes”

Margo Machida & Christine Bacareza Balance, curators

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Fresh Talk Revisited: New York Artists from “Fresh Talk/Daring Gazes” reflects current lines of inquiry and discussion within Asian America as put forth by the works of eight highly acclaimed New York-based artists: Tomie Arai, Ken Chu, Michael Joo, Shahzia Sikander, Do-Ho Suh, Mitsuo Toshida, Lynne Yamamoto, and Zarina.

Though these conceptual, historical, and even philosophical discussions pertain to certain Asian American experiences of war, immigration, sexuality, miscegenation, and movement, these provocative art works speak above and beyond any type of essentialist Asian American identity.

As Margo Machida notes in the introduction to Fresh Talk/Daring Gazes, “the term communities of imagination (is) a flexible and porous conception of community in which the sense of sharing something with others, whether based in common lived experiences, belief systems, or membership, is made tangible through the visual arts.” A work of art performs an act of communication that cuts across traditional boundaries of identity and instead allows for the continual formation of new and innovative communities through dialogue.

We invite you to engage with, bear witness, talk and listen to these eight works of art, taking an active role in forming Fresh Talk Revisited’s “communities of imagination.”