Imperial Entanglements: Permanent Conditions of War in the Pacific

In Sacred Men: Law, Torture, and Retribution in Guam (Duke University Press, 2019) Keith L. Camacho (University of California, Los Angeles) demonstrates how the 1944 and 1948 US Navy tribunals in Guam used and justified imprisonment, torture, murder, and exiling of accused Japanese and Chamorro war criminals in order to institute a new American political order. Lisa Yoneyama (University of Toronto) is the author of Cold War Ruins: Transpacific Critique of American Justice and Japanese War Crimes (Duke University Press, 2016), which considers the ongoing efforts to bring justice to Japanese war crimes, the legacy of US military occupation, and the failure of decolonization in the aftermath of World War II. This program was moderated by Dean Itsuji Saranillio (NYU Department of Social & Cultural Analysis).

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