Indigenous Food Sovereignty Gathering

This symposium examined the various ways that Indigenous communities across the globe have engaged with, adjusted to, resisted, circumvented, and challenged these ruptures to their traditional foodways: from establishing community health centers to native gardens, from settler colonial theory to food studies and cultural history, and from anti-GMO activism to the protection of customary fishing rights.


1:56:25 – the Sioux Chef Sean Sherman (Oglala Lakota)
10:00 – Ganondagan State Historic Site Manager Peter Jemison (Seneca Haudenosaunee)
47:11 – Brown University Assistant Professor Elizabeth Hoover (Mohawk/Mi’kmaq descendant)
4:48 / 46:12 – NYU PhD Candidate Angelo Baca (Navajo – Hopi)
00:07 – NYU MA Candidate Alex Jimerson (Seneca Haudenosaunee)
1:30:38Chef Kini Kahauolopua (Kānaka Maoli)

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