Keng Sen Ong (2001-2)

Keng Sen Ong headshotThe Artistic Director of TheatreWorks Singapore, Keng Sen Ong has engaged in intense cross-cultural work with fellow Asian artists for six years. He is known for his rejection of authenticity and his embracing of multiple realities and hybridity within Asia. Initially trained as a lawyer, Keng Sen has recently been appointed director of a new arts festival in Berlin called In Transit, focusing on artistic processes; new conversations rather than products in the festival market.

Keng Sen Ong joins A/P/A Studies as both Artist-in-Residence and adjunct professor from January to May 2002. He is teaching a course entitled, “Multiple Realities, Peeling Away the Rhetoric in International Arts: The Local in the International, The National in the International, The Superpower in the International,” cross listed with the Art & Public Policy Program at NYU.