Protect Mauna Kea

Message from the Curators

The NYC-Hawaiʻi community extends our heartfelt aloha to those affected by the Maui fires. During this period of profound sorrow and hardship, we draw inspiration from the remarkable resilience displayed by the community as they rally to support each other. Despite the physical distance, we are determined to strengthen our commitment by raising awareness and continuing our fundraising efforts for affected families. Recognizing that the struggle for water rights and land rights will be ongoing, we remain vigilant against those seeking to exploit this crisis. Our thoughts and prayers are with Maui as we hope the land will be rebuilt by and for the community.

How You Can Directly Support Maui Families
So many displaced ‘ohana and individuals are in need of immediate assistance. Because larger fundraisers and official channels will take time to disburse the much needed aid to those impacted, directly donating to displaced families is a great way you can directly support those most in need at this time. 
Please follow the instagram account @lahaina_ohana_venmo and @kula_ohana_venmo to support families in need from Lāhainā and Kula. 
There is a team of volunteers vetting and posting information on displaced families along with links to their Venmo accounts.

Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui Cultural Center of Lahaina
On August 8, 2023, the Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui Lahaina Cultural Center was lost to the devastating firestorm.  Immediately after the disaster, Nā ‘Aikāne spearheaded recovery and relief efforts to affected residents. Nā ‘Aikāne is on the frontline in the relief and recovery efforts in Lahaina, Maui. All one time donations will go directly to assisting the residents, especially Kānaka Maoli, and then rebuilding the Cultural Center after things settle.  In the first week of the disaster we were able to distribute:

  • Food & Water
  • Aid Supplies
  • Hygiene Products
  • Generators
  • Diapers
  • Baby Formula
  • General Necessities
  • Fuel

Direct donations to Nā ‘Aikāne, a trusted Lāhainā Nonprofit that has always put the community first, will provide immediate support to the organization and people in need.