May 16, 2013 Working Session, NYU

A/P/A Institute at NYU

Working Session: Global Asia/Pacific Art

May 16, 2013




NYU Department of Social and Cultural Analysis

20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor Conference Room

New York, NY 10003


Alexandra Chang

With the development of the Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange site visits in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Australia in 2013 and a future phase in DC and NYC in 2014, we hope to share and develop ideas for these upcoming phases and to also further establish an international network of those working in the field involved in inter-Asian and diasporic art.





Presentations by

Lam Tung Pang, artist and Asia Cultural Council grantee 2013

Francesca Tarocco, NYU in Shanghai and A/P/A Institute Visiting Scholar

LinDa Saphan, artist and scholar

Q&A & discussion


12:30pm lunch

Exchange on meeting participants’ current research and projects

Further discussion/thoughts






Lam Tung Pang, presenting artist


Francesca Tarocco, presenting scholar

NYU in Shanghai


LinDa Saphan, presenting artist/scholar



Katherine Behar, artist and scholar, Baruch College, New Media,

Alexandra Chang, NYU, A/P/A Institute

Emily Hue, NYU, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, PhD Candidate

Nina Hien, NYU, Draper Program in Humanities and Social Thought

Irene Leung, The New School,

Thomas Looser, NYU, East Asian Studies

Sukhdev Sandhu, NYU, Departments of English and Social and Cultural Analysis

John Tain, Curator, Getty Research Institute

Angela Zito, NYU, Departments of Anthropology and Religious Studies, Center for Religion and Media