Mind’s Desire (May 27-August 26, 2002)

May 27, 2002 – Aug 26, 2002

Photosculptures by Jaishri Abichandani

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Based on research in Tantra (an aspect of Hinduism) Jaishri has created a series of 4 X 4 feet hand painted photographic prints improvising on the archetypal South Asian forms of Chakras, Yantras and Mandalas . Abichandani uses photographs and self portraits to address contemporary socio-political and existential issues. Mind’s Desire was exhibit earlier this year in Mumbai at Gallery Chemould, one of India’s leading contemporary art galleries to international acclaim. Vikram Chandra, author of Red Earth and Pouring Rain and Love and Longing in Bombay has penned the introduction to her catalogue.

He writes:

Jaishri Abichandani’s work offers no easy answers to the problems of cultural dislocation and identity in the post modern world. And yet, these objects that contain all her selves and all her histories offer a geometry, a coherent way of looking at these seemingly disparate elements. The beauty that arises from her meditations is itself a unity. Her works are both Yantra and Mandala; they describe and they create and they are alive. And they invite us to participate in the sacrifice, in the meditation.