November 25, 2013, Working Session NYU

A/P/A Institute at NYU

Working Session: Global Asia/Pacific Art

November 25, 2013




Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU

8 Washington Square Mews

(between University Place and 5th Avenue, one block north of Washington Square Park)

Seminar Room

Contact: Alexandra Chang


The session will discuss the Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange and its upcoming phases, including sites of interest for January 2015 in Hawai’i, Taiwan and Japan. Drawing from working session participants’ research interests and participating artists, thematics the working session will touch upon the Pacific in relation to the environment/globalization/military, and the relationships of contemporary/traditional contextualizations, aboriginal Asian artistic production and circulations, among others.


We would like to focus on inter-Asian and Asian diasporic artistic production happening in the Pacific and have invited three artists to present at the start of the working session. These artists are:

Shigeyuki Kihara

Maika’i Tubbs

Alexander Lee



11am Presentations and Q&As

12pm Working lunch — Discussion about thematics and current research and on the Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange, including the upcoming site visit in 2015

2pm — End




Shigeyuki Kihara, Artist

Alexander Lee, Artist

Maika’i Tubbs, Artist

Mario Caro, NYU Draper

Alexandra Chang, NYU A/P/A Institute, Curator of Special Projects and Director of Global Arts Programs

Beatrice Glow, NYU APA Institute, Visiting Scholar

Nina Hein, NYU, NYU Draper Program

Thomas Looser, NYU East Asian Studies Department

Margo Machida, Univesity of Connecticut at Storrs, Art History and Asian American Studies

Nicholas Mirzoeff, NYU Visual Cultures, Department of Media Culture and Communications

Dean Saranillio, NYU Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis

Rashmi Viswanathan, NYU Grey Art Gallery