On Community Care: Documenting A/P/A Voices During COVID-19

A/P/A Voices: A COVID-19 Public Memory Project aims to document the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Asian/Pacific Americans, and the organizing, mutual aid, and other forms of community care efforts that emerged at the intersection of the resulting public health and economic crises, and a national racial reckoning and movement for Black lives. The virtual program featured Crystal Baik (University of California, Riverside), Shannon O’Neill (NYU Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives), Lisa Fu (California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative; narrator), Mike Keo (#IAmNotAVirus; artifact donor and narrator), Loubna Qutami (University of California, Los Angeles; interviewer), Moumita Ahmed (Queens Mutual Aid Network; narrator), Monyee Chau (artist and activist; artifact donor and narrator), Kabzuag Vaj (Freedom, Inc.; narrator), Taiyo Na (writer and educator; artifact donor), and films by Garveaux Sibulboro and Alexander Catedral.

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