Summer 2021 C.V. Starr Fund for A/P/A Research Awardees

Congratulations to the Summer 2021 C.V. Starr Fund for A/P/A Research Awardees!

Allen Baylosis (MA student, Performance Studies ’21) presents an analysis of interdisciplinary artist Roselle Pineda’s performance art piece “Sagot,” which she devised in 2013, and her creative vision, her exploration of space, medium, and aesthetics at the University of Western Australia’s 16th International Conference in June 2021.

Rohan Grover (MA student, Media, Culture, and Communication ’21) will study how the tradition of Black internationalism is animating novel practices of solidarity among South Asian Americans, and how these solidarities are challenging the internal politics of South Asian American activism.

Alexandria Ramos (PhD candidate, English and American Literature ’22) is working on a dissertation titled “Literature and Social Movements: The Radical Practice and Pedagogy of US Writers of Color.”  Her current chapter explores theories of pedagogy, consciousness raising, and political organizing in the work of writer and labor activist Carlos Bulosan. 

tae min Suh (special sessions student, ’21) will conduct research for “Pungmul, Diaspora, and Dissent”—a mutual exchange of knowledge, experience, and practice centering how pungmul, a traditional Korean drumming practice, has worked to shape the cultural and political identity of many diasporic Koreans. This project will include interviews with organizers, pungmul players, and scholars to capture how pungmul has maintained its political leanings and its role in dissent.


The C.V. Starr Fund for Asian/Pacific/American Research is available by application to NYU students and scholars working on academic and/or community projects with particular emphasis on the New York metropolitan region. The goal of this Fund is to promote a convergence of theory and practice in A/P/A Studies and its related fields by providing financial support for research expenses and/or conference participation. Learn more and apply.