Summer 2022 C.V. Starr Fund for A/P/A Research Awardees

Congratulations to the Summer 2022 C.V. Starr Fund for A/P/A Research Awardees!

Jiale Hu (MA student, NYU Carter Institute of Journalism ‘22) will produce American Dream at End of Life: A Documentary About the Chinese Floor of a Nursing Home in Boro Park. The 30-minute documentary follows the daily activities of the Cantonese-speaking immigrant staff on the Chinese floor of a nursing home in Brooklyn, and bears witness to the frustrations, sorrows, and joys of its residents.

Sue Jeong Ka (Visiting Scholar, NYU) will conduct research for “The Un/Banned Image Library: A Case of Japanese Manga.” This visual database attempts to subvert carceral censorship of manga, which is among the most frequently banned book genres by US prisons. By sharing this datasets in a web archive, the project aims to create a foundation for a network of solidarity between Asian/American content creators and incarcerated people.

Runchao Liu (Visiting Scholar, NYU) will attend the Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music-US Branch and Console-ing Passions: International Conference on Television, Video, Audio, New Media, and Feminism to present research from her book project that explores the intersections between rock music, musical orientalism, and the cultural myth of Asian American apoliticism.

Through ethnography and interviews with Igbo residents of Tokyo, Nnamdi Jogwe (PhD student, NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science ‘26) will investigate how individuals incorporate multiple panethnic identities from differing contexts such as Igbo tribal identity and memories of war, Blackness as an American racial construct, and the Japanese legal and cultural framework of gaijin (foreigner) status into a new, complex multiple panethnicity. 

Jacinda Tran (Visiting Scholar, NYU) will conduct archival research on US Army and Air Force visualization in Southeast Asia from 1950-1975 at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) this summer. The work at NARA will inform her broader dissertation on “Search and Destroy: Southeast Asia/ns through the Lens of US Visual Warfare.”


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