Asian American Writers’ Workshop Records

Date Range: 19922009
Survey Conducted: Wed, 2009-03-25
Creator: Asian American Writers’ Workshop Records

 Asian American Writer’s Workshop (AAWW) was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit literary arts organization dedicated to the creation, publishing, development, and dissemination of Asian American creative writing. AAWW supports writers of the Asian American community by making grants, offering workshops, helping to publish and publicize their works, establishing an in-house reading room to facilitate access to Asian American literature, and instituting the Annual Asian American Literary Arts Ceremony, held since 1998 to recognize outstanding writing in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, memoirs, stage plays and screenplays. In addition to sponsoring readings, book parties, and panel discussions for writers, AAWW runs various youth arts programs that engage NYC students in discussions of race and identity, offers writing classes, and instructions on making videos. Semi-annually, AAWW publishes literary anthologies and the Asian Pacific American Journal . It also publishes Ten magazine, which features articles about writers and writing. Through its programming and service as an educational resource center for Asian American literature and awareness, AAWW seeks to encourage the telling of diverse stories and diverse ways of telling stories for the important contributions they make towards increasing community visibility and the building of a collective history.

Sources: Asian American Writers’ Workshop. “About AAWW.” Accessed October 8, 2008.

Summary: The Asian American Writers’ Workshop (AAWW) collection totals 179 linear feet and consists of the records documenting the organization’s programming, and its resource library of Asian American poetry, fiction, and non-fiction books and journals. Consisting of 12 linear feet of the collection are files relating to the programming and events organized by AAWW from 1992-2007, filed by year. Each folder is subdivided into: seasonal calendars outlining events and writing workshop classes; programs for individual events; special calendars, postcards, and mailings; the invitation, program booklet, and other miscellaneous papers related to the Annual Asian American Literary Awards; invites, programs, booklets, and attendance records of special projects and programs (which include AAWW’s 2003 Intimacy & Geography poetry festival, 2005 Auction, and 2006 Short Story Contest); attendance records and contact information of people who took part in writing workshop classes, youth programs, and special events; and finally, audio, videotape, and mini-disc recordings of events. Documentation of events and programming from 2008-present have not yet been organized.

AAWW has an extensive collection of Asian American books, totaling 132 linear feet. Of this, 10 linear feet consists of poetry, approximately 82 linear feet fiction, and approximately 40 linear feet non-fiction. Multiple copies of some titles are included on the shelves. Among the books of fiction are works by well-known Asian American authors such as Ha Jin and Jen Lee. The non-fiction titles cover Asian American studies, ethnic studies, race theory, and women’s studies and include Yellow by Frank Wu, Yell-Oh! Girls edited by Vickie Nam, and Paper Son by Tung Pok Chin. In addition to books, the AAWW collection includes 10 linear feet of journals, which are organized first by title and then by date. The journal issues have publication dates between 1971 and 2006, and the majority of the collection is comprised of Amerasia issues printed between 1971 and 2004. AAWW’s journal collection covers various populations within the Asian American community including South Asian Americans, Southeast Asian Americans, and LGBTQ peoples. Journal titles, in alphabetical order, include A. Magazine (1994-2002), Asian Voices (1995), Audrey (2004-6), Bamboo Girl (issues 1-3, 7-9; 1999-2000, some undated), Dim Sum (1999), DisOrient Journalzine (1994-5), Giant Robot (1997-2004), Hyphen (2004), India Currents (1995-2006), KoreAM (1997-present), Lotus: Asian American Perspectives at Hunter College (1989-1991), Maganda War (2003), Many Mountains Moving (1995-2001), SALT (2000), Secret Asian Man(issue 5; 1997), AAWW’s magazine Ten (1998-2002), Toronto Review (1996-2001), Trikone Magazine (1997-2001), Vietnow (1995-6), Vietnam Review (1997-8), and Yolk (1994-9).The remaining 25 linear feet contain multiple copies of books and journals published by AAWW, and include the Asian Pacific American Journal (APAJ), Flippin’: Filipinos on America (1996), The Nuyorasian Anthology (1999), and Watermark: Vietnamese American Poetry & Prose (1998).

Total Size: 179 linear feet
APA-related Size: 179 linear feet
Languages of materials: English
Arrangement: other
Location: Asian American Writers’ Workshop offices
Bibliographic Control: inventory
Conditions Governing Access: Program files currently inaccessible to the public. Books available for on-site reference.

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