About the Collections: The collections described on this website are located in the homes of artists, activists, and scholars; the offices of social service organizations, theater companies, labor unions, and arts organizations; and archival repositories in the New York City metropolitan area. Some are accessible to the public, but many are not.

About Archives: Deep in the closets, basements, and storage spaces of every house usually lies several boxes of programs, flyers, buttons, and other ephemera from movies, performances, plays, museums, or other events or places that a person attended or organized and wanted to remember. In the most casual definition, this is an archive or archival collection.

Acknowledgments: The staff of the Asian/Pacific American Archives Survey would like to thank the Metropolitan New York Library Council’s (METRO) Documentary Heritage Program for the generous funding that made this survey project possible.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the community organizations and individuals who took the time to work with us on surveying their collections. Their participation and support made the success of this project possible.