Mark Hall Amitin/ World of Culture for the Performing Arts, Inc. Archive

Date Range: 19462001
Survey Conducted: Fri, 2009-10-23
Creator: Mark Hall Amitin/World of Culture for the Performing Arts, Inc.

History: Mark Hall Amitin received his doctoral degree from the Universite Paris VIII in 1978. He went on to present lectures and workshops at universities in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Asia. He worked as a consultant and producer for several major theatre festivals, including the American College Theatre Festival, the Rhode Island Theatre Festival, the Festival Mondial du Theatre in Nancy, France, and the New Theatre Festival in Baltimore. He has published articles on theatre and performance in academic journals and contributed articles and reviews on film and theatre to books, magazines, and newspapers. He has also acted in, and directed, film, television, and theatre projects in the United States as well as in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Ma-Yi Theater Company Records

Date Range: 19892008
Survey Conducted: Mon, 2008-11-24
Creator: Ma-Yi Theater Company

History: The Ma-Yi Theater Company is a non-profit professional organization that gives voice to Asian American experiences through the development of plays and performances that push Asian American aesthetics beyond stereotypical Orientalist markers. The name “Ma-Yi” comes from the pre-colonial name of the islands that the Spanish named the Philippines. Ma-Yi was founded in 1989 by a group of six former University of the Philippines students and Godabil Theater Company members. Godabil arose in the Philippines during the politically tumultuous last years of Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorship (1965-1986). Member actors employed vaudeville expressionism as a form of street protest until notice of its activities by the military impelled some of its members to emigrate. Years later, several former members reuniting in New York City decided to found the Ma-Yi Filipino Theater Ensemble, Inc. as a means to address concerns about the stereotypical nature and paucity of roles available to aspiring Filipino actors. The company originally held a predominantly Filipino orientation but it has since expanded to become a venue for pan-Asian American talent and works. The company initially solicited and translated plays from the Philippines, but soon found that plays produced by Filipino Americans better resonated with their America-based audience. In 1999, the company made a decision to expand their mission to cover works of American playwrights of all Asian origins. Read more

Jay Leyda and Si-Lan Chen Leyda Papers

Date Range: 19131987
Survey Conducted: Mon, 2008-10-27
Creator: Leyday, Jay; Leyday, Si-Lan Chen

History: Si-Lan Chen was a dancer, choreographer and actor who pioneered the use of Chinese dance elements in modern dance and films such as “Anna and the King of Siam” (1946) and “The Keys to the Kingdom” (1944). Chen was born in Trinidad in 1905 to parents of African and Chinese descent. In 1912, she moved to London, where she studied dance at the Stedman Academy. In 1926 she moved to China to join her father, who had become secretary for Sun Yat-sen as well as Foreign Minister of the Canton government. However, after Chiang Kai-shek took power in 1927, the family fled to Moscow, where Chen enrolled in the Bolshoi Ballet School. She soon switched to Vera Maya’s school, finding Maya’s approach, which included both traditional ballet and more loosely organized “plastic dance,” more suitable to her own style. Chen gave her first important recital in 1930 at the Moscow Conservatory. Shortly after, she was widely recognized as the first modern Soviet dancer.

Robert Lee and Eleanor Yung Papers, Asian American Arts Centre Collection

Date Range: 19682001
Survey Conducted: Tue, 2011-01-25
Creator: Lee, Robert (b.1944) and Yung, Eleanor (b.1946); Asian American Arts Centre

History: Partners Robert Lee, an author and curator, and Eleanor Yung, a choreographer and acupuncturist, were both involved in establishing the Asian American Arts Centre (AAAC). In addition to the AAAC, Lee and Yung have held leadership roles in national and New York City-based Asian American cultural and political organizations, dedicating their careers to supporting Asian American artists and their work. Read more

Larry Hama Comic Book Collection

Larry Hama DrawingDate Range: 19672011
Survey Conducted: Tue, 2011-09-27
Creator: Hama, Larry

History: Legendary comic book writer and artist Larry Hama (b. 1949) is recognized for his lasting contributions to American comic books and popular culture in general. He is the creative force behind titles like G.I. Joe, The ‘Nam, and Bucky O’Hare, but his creative influence extends to other titles and fields.

Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue Archive

Date Range: 19972000
Survey Conducted: Thu, 2008-11-13
Creator: Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue

 The Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue (IACD) was founded in 1997 by actress, playwright, and Stanford and NYU professor Anna Deavere Smith. Its mission was to support the development of art that illuminates social conditions; to deepen the capacity of artists to communicate with their audiences; and to build an international community in which artists, students, activists, and scholars could work together to develop the artist as a voice in society. Read more

Indo-American Arts Council Records

Date Range: 19982010
Survey Conducted: Tue, 2010-02-02
Creator: Indo-American Arts Council

History: The Indo-American Arts Council is a not-for-profit resource arts organization that provides platforms for artists, filmmakers, dancers, and writers of Indian origin to showcase their work to audiences across the United States. Through arts-based events, programming, and festivals, the organization works to support the creation and dissemination of work by Indian artists from around the world. Read more

HN (Hsiang-Ning) Han Archive

Date Range: 19692013
Survey Conducted: Mon, 2012-10-22
Creator: HN (Hsiang-Ning) Han

 HN Han (Hsiang-Ning Han) is an internationally renowned artist, documentarian, curator and art educator, known for his evolving artistic style and creating his own form of pointillism with a spray gun. By reviving and transferring 19th century Post-Impressionism to 1970s New York, he influenced New York art movement during the height of New Realism.

Godzilla Asian American Art Network Records

Godzilla LogoDate Range: 19912003
Survey Conducted: Wed, 2008-10-01
Creator: Godzilla Asian American Art Network

 Godzilla: Asian American Art Network is a New York-based art collective co-founded in 1990 by Ken Chu and Margo Machida that promotes networking and mutual support among Asian and Pacific Islander American artists and professionals. In its effort to promote cross-generational and cross-disciplinal dialogue in Asian American visual art, Godzilla has sponsored public programs such as lectures, symposia and exhibitions, including “And We Speak, From Basement to Godzilla” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…Not!”. Supplementing these events were the publications of the Godzilla newsletter and “Godzillette” bulletin. Until its disbanding in 2001, the collective actively promoted arts advocacy and worked with community groups to stop anti-Asian violence.

Yun Gee Papers

Date Range: 19281979
Survey Conducted:
 Wed, 2008-10-01
Creator: Gee, Yun, 1906-1963

 Canton-born modernist painter Yun Gee (1906-1963) immigrated to San Francisco in 1921 at the age of fifteen to join his merchant father, Gee Quong On. In 1906, Gee’s father was among the thousands of Chinese immigrants to claim US citizenship following the San Francisco earthquake that destroyed City Hall and the Hall of Records housing citizenship papers, thus enabling him to later sponsor his son to America. Read more